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This week, since I am at the home of our beloved mothership, that is, Atlanta, and am going to enjoy a tour of the Delta museum with readers today, how about we giveaway something extra special.

gold 40 year delta service pin with diamonds Delta Points Blog (2)

I know when I was a kid it was really fun to get a set of “wings” from the pilot. Plus, it was just super neat to sport them walking off the jet!

gold 40 year delta service pin with diamonds Delta Points Blog (3)

Now as an adult a bit of plastic is a little less fun, even though I am still a child at heart.

gold 40 year delta service pin with diamonds Delta Points Blog (4)

But a real, authentic, 14 Gold (gold filled I believe, that is, 14k gold over silver) with diamonds representing 40 years of service to Delta – that is kinda kool and btw these are very hard to get. It is not like you can just order these out of a catalog! :-)

So this week the “normal” rules are bit out the window. You can enter as many times as you like but you have to, with each answer, include a link to a post you like in your comment. For example, say you liked the post about the mighty schedule change. You would have to comment something like:

I liked the post about schedule changes:

There you go. I will use to pick the winner. As I said, enter as often as you wish, but you must include a different post link each time you comment! Clear? I will pick a winner LATE next Friday the 1st of August 2014! – René


PS – be sure and follow along today
and this weekend as I travel
to Atlanta & visit with readers!


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Posted by rene | 413 Comments

413 Responses to “SWAG Saturday: Want a set of 14k Gold Delta wings with Diamonds?”

  1. PCB says:

    I sent this post to others so they would understand what is coming in 2015!

  2. Young _Tho®ough says:

    Thought my son would come this day. He didn’t so we went for eggplant parmesan the next day he came on the nineteenth instead.

  3. Young _Tho®ough says:

    This post is about one of my least fav SkyClub that I’m glad I have lost complimentary access to from a former home airport.

  4. Kevin says:

    I learned a lot about Vanilla Reloads in posts like this one:
    Too bad they don’t work the way the used to for manufactured spending.

  5. Young _Tho®ough says:

    Got to love winning of course…shameless I knowThis weekend’s Delta Points SWAG Winner is… – Delta Points – Delta Points

  6. Wes says:

    Glad to have you down here in my neck of the woods! I liked the post explaining the impact (or lack thereof) that SM2015 will have on us Mileage Runners!

  7. Kevin says:

    I talked my way into the DFW Centurion Club to try it out after reading Rene’s review

  8. PCB says:

    Had a great time last year at the Chicago seminar. This year I will be traveling. Wish I was there to learn more about DL and the ,lies world.

  9. PCB says:

    Had a great bump the other day. The red coat made it all work perfectly.

  10. PCB says:

    I am always shocked how far behind DL Tech is. They need to do CTL-ALT-DEL and make a much better system. I am still not a fan of the iPad app. Very slow…

  11. GetToThePoints says:

    The article on the Delta phone app upgrade came in handy-

  12. MSPDELTADUDE says:

    I liked the post about schedule changes because I was able to pull off something pretty amazing this week as the result of it :)

  13. LarryG says:

    I fly to Europe often so I liked the Business seats to Europe link:

  14. LarryG says:

    Wishing I could have made it to Chicago:

  15. Marcos says:

    Will the clubs become less crowded in 2015? If so lets start with the Atlanta clubs!

  16. Mandy says:

    This post is sooooo helpful! Thank you for all of the great advice. I live in Atlanta, so any help navigating the Delta waters (or skies) is… helpful. :)

  17. Rich says:

    I like the Bump The Bonus for the Chase Ink card .
    This may get me an additional 10K UR’s

  18. Uri Hadelsberg says:

    I liked the post about best business class tickets to Europe!

  19. Kevin says:

    If you don’t get an answer you like, hang up and call back. It’s the first thing I learned when I began flying regularly.

  20. Dave says:

    Recently, I liked the HUCB reminder…just used it two days ago to get some things taken care of.

  21. Andrew P says:

    I like this post since I can see all the great sign-up offers currently available

  22. Andrew P says:

    This is probably my favorite post to date since I got to meet you and so many great people thanks to this!

  23. Young_Tho®ough says:

    I’m jacking Andrew’s because I had a ball too #deltapointsATL :

  24. Young_Tho®ough says:

    This one got me off my butt and into an Arrival+ card:

  25. Graydon says:

    Nothing warms my heart like a failed mileage run that still credits full mileage. For the record it wasn’t my fault (OK perhaps a little bit).

  26. Pam says:

    I’ve studied your Delta Essentials posts and continue to reference them from time to time for helpful hints.

  27. Atif says:

    NYC airports are not as cool as this blog! (Yes I really want the pin and have time this afternoon!)

  28. Atif says:

    I saw Jake that opening of the Delta’s T4…. He didn’t seem interesting in chatting..

  29. Atif says:

    Fees are the worst….they should roll most into the price of the ticket…

  30. Atif says:

    Silver Medallion is silly…might as well just get the Amex and call it a day…

  31. Atif says:

    Free pass is great…but SkyClubs are not a good as they used to be!

  32. Atif says:

    PGA pin is not nearly as cool a 40 year service pin from Delta!

  33. Atif says:

    I should probably start reading this blog since SkyMiles 2015 may have me looking into AAnother option….

  34. Atif says:

    The recap post was helpful, especially with all the photos at the end!

  35. Atif says:

    I worry that if the luggage arrives before I do…that someone will walk off with it…that is why I never check luggage!

  36. Atif says:

    Why are they called Pop quizzes and not soda quizzes…or cola quizzes?!

  37. Atif says:

    Definitely more tickets next time! Or if you are an airline FEWER but more EXPENSIVE tickets! ;)

  38. JT says:

    The most helpful post so far? This one — — as I just went through the comments and found about 15 different posts I’d missed.

  39. Atif says:

    Their hard product is already pretty good compared to the other U.S. major airlines…

  40. Atif says:

    I don’t know…not a big fan of this aircraft… especially since they are using it on routes that used to be 757 routes…

  41. Atif says:

    I avoid these types of seats as I’d rather have seats without the tray’s in the armrests…

  42. Atif says:

    With upgrades being scarce..I like having Platinum Status to be able to make award changes for free…makes it MUCH easier to use SkyPesos!

  43. Atif says:

    The vast differences in BusinessElite seats is worrisome… PAX shouldn’t have to track plane types to know what product they actually are paying for!

  44. Atif says:

    This is only going to become a worse problem as Americans (and many other people) get bigger and airline seats get smaller….10 abreast on a 777 is inhumane!

  45. Atif says:

    Say what you will about RyanAir…at least you know what you are getting yourself into when you a make a deal with that devil…

  46. Atif says:

    Delta did the best they could…but dual hubs suck and both JFK and LGA are crappy terminals!

  47. Atif says:

    While Economy Comfort sounds great….it is really a consolation prize for making upgrades impossible to get!

  48. Ryan Goemans says:

    Are you kidding me???!!! This post I’m replying to is the most exciting post, please ohh .org of randomness let this be the post you pick.

  49. Atif says:

    Instead of graphics they should upgrade the inter-operability with!

  50. Atif says:

    Never quite understood the allure of around the world tickets….see A LOT but not any of it in detail!

  51. Atif says:

    Mileage runs to Brazil are tough unless you already have a visa…

  52. Atif says:

    If you slay a lounge dragon you get as many biscoff as you can carry out of their layer!

  53. Atif says:

    Delta app 2.0…how about award calendar 1.0….when it finally works…

  54. Atif says:

    Yes wifi should be free….like we have free drinking fountains… Of course if you want FAST internet you should pay for it…like people who want upscale water have to pay for it…

  55. Atif says:

    When the price drops on the Note 3 when the Note 4 comes out…time for an upgrade!

  56. Atif says:

    If you leave on the table….they turn into bugs and crawl away….

  57. Atif says:

    MQM rollover is a good thing…so yes there are “enhancements” that are actual enhancements once in a while!

  58. Atif says:

    And of course…..THIS is the best post ever which is why I have commented so often!

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