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The other day, my fellow blogger Gary from View from the Wing had a post about AutoSlash. I do not rent cars very much and just don’t think I will use the service he talked about. But what I did see was Advantage Rent A Car. This little company is owned by Hertz but has, let’s just say, not even close the outstanding reputation that Hertz has.

But, with a rate of under $7.00 a day, even under $14.00 a day with tax, for my ski trip to Denver on my Delta Reserve AMEX buy-one-get-one-free trip, I just have to try them. I have to ask (cringe). Have you readers ever had experience with these guys? Are they as bad as people are saying or will I be OK! Please let me know – René

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17 Responses to “Oh I think I am going to regret this so much!”

  1. Greg says:

    I used to use them all the time when I had business taking me to Waco, Texas – never had an issue with them – at least not more than I had with Avis, Hertz, or Enterprise. Also have rented from them in Santa Fe, NM (I think that location is now closed) and Southern California, and that was fine.

  2. Robert says:

    Rented from them @ FLL many times, no problems. Double check all paperwork as they make mistakes sometimes, and keep your gas station receeipt. Overall, as good as the rest.

  3. ShaneinTulsa says:

    It won’t be Hertz much longer. They are selling them off as part of the Dollar and Thrifty Acquisition.

  4. John says:

    My only experience with them on a rental in Phoenix was really bad. Old car…without any power options was their standard car…Overall bad experience all around. Will never use again

  5. alex says:

    I rented from Advantage in Denver for 6.50 USD per day last January and had no issues at all as I was staying in the city. There is a catch here though. The agents will strike up a conversation about whether you plan to drive into the mountains and if so they will question the safety of doing so. Expect to hear talk of a possible snowstorm or how the weather changes rapidly in the mountains. Often times they will even have their smallest car on display like a Fiat 500 and let you know that is the ‘type’ of car you will be attempting to drive into the mountains. As expected, the upgrade price to a car with 4-wheel drive is not so cheap. I can’t comment on their question of safety driving a small car into the mountains but I do find the tactic shady.

  6. Wendy says:

    I rented from them in San Antonio. Didn’t have a problem with them. Just make sure you check over the car like you do with any rental agency to make sure there isn’t any damage that isn’t written down.

  7. steve says:

    Ya know, you guys who dance with the establishment really have to mellow out… there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Advantage, heck, there’s nothing wrong with even Payless… yes, they don’t give miles, I don’t see my name up on their board with the space where my car is located, but I’ve been renting cars 365 days a year since 2001 from ALL of the rental agencies, and except for Enterprise, have no real issues. Yes, it’s true, if you want to be hugged in comfort, rent from Hertz, but for some of us out “here”, the real world is we DO rent from the least expensive even though we don’t get miles, and it’s not exactly how bad you bloggers seem to more often than not, want to make them seem. We may not be elite flyers, we may not do your credit card shuffles every week, etc., but we do get a service for a low cost that does the job. Never had a problem with Advantage, although in the past several months, their low rates seem to have vanished, so I haven’t used them in months.

    So buckle up, I’m sure you’ll survive.

    Just a post from someone who is getting a bit tired of feeling “second class” cause I don’t rent from Hertz and don’t use my triple churned credit card for miles.

    Off my soapbox now, and will return to eating my taco from Taco Bell while.

  8. aaron says:

    Rented from them in MIA once plus have another booked next month. No problem last time and don’t anticipate it this time either. Enjoy the cheap rate.

  9. deltaflyer says:

    I’m also needing to rent a car at FLL and noticed that Enterprise (like Advantage) is way cheaper than all of the other large companies.
    Any feedback on Enterprise as compared to the others?

  10. Delta Points says:

    @All – wow – maybe all the “web” feedback is wrong. Now I can not wait. SOOOOOO many thanks for all the great input all! – Rene

  11. Steve f says:

    I use autoslash when it makes sense. Usually ends up with an advantage rentacar. Never had any issues.

  12. Delta Points says:

    @Steve – hey I love Taco Bell and I can pay for them WITH my Sapphire card and get 2x points too! ;-) – Rene

  13. Marc W says:

    I had a great experience at O’Hare

  14. DaninSTL says:

    I’ve rented from them in San Antonio which was no problem but the office was an offsite gravel parking lot office. Better than Fox rent a car but both are super cheap and work out if your not in a hurry on the check in process.

  15. ZJ says:

    Twice at OGG with wonderful service.

  16. Matt MSP says:

    They’ve come a long ways from their Denny Hecker days, right?

    Anyone in MSP would remember this:
    Tell them Denny sent ya!

  17. Jamey M says:

    My friend rented from them a couple years ago at DEN, and the experience was horrible. Waited over an hour to get the car. Needless to say, we never look at advantage when it shows up in the searches.

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