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The one thing I love about computers is that there is always an answer. After almost 20 years of running my own computer shop (my real job when not blogging), I know I will at some point find the answer. It may take a while and the solution may not be what I thought it was, but some way I will find the answer!

This is where we are with the BETA testing of the TEXT ALERT service. I first went with e-Mail to cell from my web server. There were some drawbacks. The biggest was that some times it took 24hrs to send the texts out. That was no good. The other was no GOOGLE voice texts. There are many who are for example serving in Afghanistan who would like to get these alerts and would like to use Google and my server just did not like them.

I now went to TextFreeOnline and paid for a month as in small scale testing this was super fast. I now have about 300 numbers in it and we have problems. Some got a bunch of texts yesterday and today some got none. OK so this one is not going to work – I see that clearly! Plus the interface just stinks on the website. Strike two!

I did try uploading the list to g-Mail to see how that would work. No joy – same as my web server. So what I am going to try next is sorta back to stage one where I use e-Mail from my Comcast account as Comcast does seem to be reliable. I have setup ALERTDELTAPOINTS@COMCAST.NET and will try to do the email to cell thing again. I will load in the numbers and do a test run and see. This would have the advantage of being free again.

If this is just as bad I have one more option I am considering that could work and would not cost me very much. I could add another line to my SPRINT plan and get software to “hook up” and use this extra phone. I would just leave that phone plugged into my computer as this is all it would be used for. If I try this I will advise the phone number you can expect a text from.

Anyway, I so thank you all for your patience while I “play” with this idea. I am sorry some have had to put up with so many texts some times but that is what happens during a BETA test group. I will make this work as intended, it just will take a little more time! – René

EDIT: Update – so far so good. I think the key for speed is breaking down the list to smaller groups. I may have to send in say 2 or 3 or 4 batches but only takes a few extra seconds to do that. Will advise. Also I have not yet put all the numbers in so if you did NOT get a text, just wait I will get to you I am at numbers starting at 707 now.  Thanks for input!


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Posted by rene | 13 Comments

13 Responses to “There is a reason to call this BETA testing! Grrrrrrr”

  1. Steve says:

    lol, WHEN you have it working to perfection, THEN let me (us) know, and I’d be thrilled to be a participant… in the meantime, may you have the momentum of the gawds behind you in your testing of your electronic apparatus :)

  2. MSPDeltaDude says:

    Best of luck!

  3. Michael says:

    Have you looked into applications for smartphones such as GroupMe? My project team has a group assigned that we can send alerts to, problem is that anyone can send alerts to anyone else (don’t know if you can disable that) but maybe you invite people on the premise that spammers get the boot.

  4. Delta Points says:

    @Michael – no I have not but so much thank you for this or any idea. I am hoping the Comcast one will work. The old one did but slow. I want FAST. Will advise and keep the ideas coming. Rene

  5. MSPDeltaDude says:

    Just got test!

  6. Delta Points says:

    @MSP txs who are you with ie at&t etc?

  7. MSPDeltaDude says:


  8. Delta Points says:

    @MSP – many txs! Rene

  9. JoshL says:

    I got your comcast test text this afternoon instantly, my number is xxx-xxx-6341

  10. Ken Wanamaker says:

    #1 sent @ 1305 EST(?), rec’d 1204 CDT. (now that’s FAST!)

    #2 sent @ 1715 EST(?), rec’d 1615 CDT.

  11. Ken Wanamaker says:

    oops – with ATT

  12. David says:

    Rene–Your text in Test #1 at 5:15 EST came in at 4:15PM CT. it worked

  13. David says:

    I’m ATT

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