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When you get used to popping into a Skyclub along your travels, ending up in an airport without one is not much fun. There are ways around this, like the AMEX Platinum Membership Rewards card that with Priority Pass will get you in no matter what airline you are flying.

On my last mileage run I found myself in Pittsburgh one day with a long layover. What to do? Thankfully my US Air card that I got from my last round came with a free one day pass. The US Air club is upstairs in the center of the airport gate side. Their program has a nice tech feature attached to it. I walked in and presented my pass. The rep pulled it up in the computer and found I had an older pass in the system that was about to expire, and expire that very day! No paper pass was needed, it was all electronic and I was granted access.

The lounge was, compared to most Skyclubs, just about empty. As you come in you will pass a “goodie” table that has no Biscoffs, but they did have Milano’s – NUMMY! I am sure if you had these as your only option for a long time they would get old but I was very pleased.

I also had some chips I wish I had not. While they were still not expired, they were about as stale as could be. Pass.

I am not sure about the “office cubical” design, but had it been packed with flyers I guess it would create a bit more of a private feel over the open plan Skyclub designs.

I found a spot by the windows to look at the planes coming and going and went for a glass of red wine from the bar that was complimentary. It was not self serve and the glass was so small that two sips and you were done. Wifi was fine, but there were only a few of us so hard to tell if it really pushed the performance. Overall an OK visit and much more quiet than being out in the main concourse area.

But I have to say if you ever find yourself with some extra time to kill in PIT airport, and you don’t have a pass, Bar Symon or the many other eateries in the airport are not a bad 2nd choice! – Rene

PS – just as a quick update on the Mileage Run tab. It is a work in progress. I am trying to get comments turned on for the tab to speed up readers input. Please bear with me as I work on this feature of the blog. Txs!

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Posted by rene | 15 Comments

15 Responses to “What do you do when there is no Skyclub to go to?”

  1. Allen says:

    Bar Symon has its own wifi and plenty of outlets and a lamb mac and cheese which is a must if you like lamb!

  2. Allen says:

    Oh also PIT has an airside post office and the small drug store near by sells airport postcards…so let your friends and family know where you had your layover!

  3. DaninSTL says:

    Nice. I’m digging the 1992 office decor at the US air club in PIT :) Maybe next time you go you can dress up in your Miami Vice gear and fit right in.

  4. Delta Points says:

    @DaninSTL – Hey….we looked goooooood in the 80′s ;-)

  5. Jivepicnic says:

    @DaninSTL With as much as US Air has pulled back in PIT, I’m just happy that my home airport has a club at all for me to use when I start my trips!

  6. Albert says:

    Also note that with the Amex Platinum you don’t have to be flying US Air to use their lounge, unlike with Delta and Anerican.

  7. Delta Points says:

    @Albert – Correct. Another plus.

  8. Susan M. says:

    We fly Delta quite a bit from Phoenix, and there is no Skyclub. For as many flights per day that Delta has out of Phoenix, it’s pretty sad that they’ve never replaced the Skyclub that they closed several years ago. There are also no other clubs in Terminal 3.

  9. HansGolden says:

    The US club at PIT is one of my fav domestic clubs by domestic airlines.

  10. Father Andrew says:

    What does one do in Houston? I have a Platinum American Express Business Card and a Priority Pass Club Select Membership. I also have a Delta Sky Club Membership Card and am flying on Delta in April. But if I understand correctly, you can’t use the Priority Pass Select Club card in a United Airlines Lounge and the Platinum AmEx Card is not acceptable any longer in United Airlines lounges?? Is that correct?

    Can I pay a cash entrance fee to get into the United Airlines lounge? Is United in the same terminal as Delta? I’ll be using assistance (a wheel chair) when I take my flight.

  11. Delta Points says:

    @Andrew – looks like no problem with PP in Huston:
    But since they have it as Priority Pass Select level there may be a $27 charge.

  12. Father Andrew says:

    Apparently for some reason when I searched the PP Select website I found this message below for all the United Club lounges….so there probably is a charge unless they just ban you outright:

    Note: Members holding a Priority Pass Select membership card and Priority Pass cardholders in the U.S. that receive their membership through a U.S. financial institution will not be allowed access to this Lounge.

    I wonder why they do this??

  13. Delta Points says:

    @Andrew – Hummm… not sure but this may be the case. At least with all Delta lounges you just use the Plat MR card itself and you are in. – Rene

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