CONFIRMED! Delta will NO LONGER display award charts for award tickets! #KeepDescending move of the year!

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delta all new award calendar link takes you to booking a ticket

Let me ask you a question. Do you ever price compare? I mean would you like to know if you are getting a good price for something you are about to buy? Well you can no longer do that with Skymiles. They are just whatever Delta says they are – PERIOD!

As you can see from THIS page on, the one you will find if you search for award chart pricing, the link that says:

“Check out the all-new Award calendar”

Does not take you to the “all-new Award calendar” that you can see from my post HERE. No, as you can see from the hyper-link it takes you to the Delta award booking page. Why?

only referance to award pricing is they start at 25k delta-com on the same page mentioned above says:

“Sufficient miles within your SkyMiles account are required to redeem miles toward Award Travel. To shop for Award Travel on select ‘Book SkyMiles Award Ticket’ when initiating your flight search. Once you’ve selected your itinerary and logged into your SkyMiles account, you’ll be asked to pay for the flights you selected.

Within and between the Continental U.S., Alaska and Canada, round-trip Award Tickets will continue to start at 25,000 miles (plus taxes and fees).”

So all we know now is that awards start at 25,000 Skymiles. The rest – that is Level 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 or whatever new level they dream up is just up to them.


I will let that sink in for a bit.

Delta does not respect you enough to tell you what it should cost for an award ticket anywhere in the world. They do not want you to understand that you are very possibly overpaying for those valuable Skymiles – just trust what’s new award calendar shows is the lowest price at the given time. And if prices go down, you will not know if that is the lowest price for a ticket as prices are whatever they want.

The level of arrogance, disrespect and disdain this shows to loyal flyers and those who value and collect Skymiles is beyond compare. Delta can do anything they want with their frequent flyer program and they are showing just that today!

I have 100% confirmed this change with Delta CORP, that is, the removal of the award charts on is a permanent change. This is NO IT bug. They are gone and will stay gone! They informed me:

“Delta’s expanded search capabilities and calendar at offer more flexible and accurate view of Award prices. – Delta CORP”

So, you tell me what you think of this change. Is this “Keep Climbing” Delta?- René


EDIT: Backups of all the charts are now loaded on the blog HERE!

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