I really like the forward facing Delta full flat seats. The space is good, the tray table is good, sleeping is good, the screen is good – it is just good. The herring bone design, not so much. It feels cramped and strange. Depending on the seat your view is bad and looking out the window all but a neck breaker. But that is what apparently fits in the A320-200′s as you can see from the video walk through above. Also note the best seat in coach, i.e. row 10 C&G now have a seat in front of them whereas before it was open for unlimited leg room. On the plus side they have added 2 more 1st class seats and that should help with Global upgrade certs this year!

free luvo food on JFK Economy Comfort Delta

I know so many are still so upset that Delta has taken away our shot at an upgrade for medallions on the JFK-(LAX,SFO,SEA) route but they sure are trying to make up for it with just about everything free for Economy Comfort seating. Today they announced they are adding a free wrap to those in EC.  Free drinks, movies and now food – wow – is all I can say. I would trade them all for a shot at an upgrade!

tweets about skyclub changes

Then in a strange move, Delta tweeted yesterday about the change to the Skyclub starting 1MAY2014 i.e. Delta Reserve and AMEX Platinum (non-Delta) card holders will have to pay $29 for a guest to come with them. You can imagine the tweets that followed were less than complimentary and they were coming fast and furious. Then Delta deleted the tweet (you can see some of the leftover responses above). I just wish they would next delete the change and let me bring my wife in the club with me. BTW many readers are reporting that AMEX has rebated them some or all of the annual fee due to this move by Delta!

30 day skyclub pass now gone delta points blog

Speaking of changes to the Skyclub access, Delta has now informed me that they have discontinued the 30 day pass they had for $90 in the past. I guess the cost was way too low? It would have been a nice option if you were going to be traveling with a client or coworker for a period of time.

So that is all the latest Delta updates for the day. Have I missed any news we need to know about? – René

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. .

Posted by rene | 17 Comments

What a month! One thing we can all agree on when it comes to our Delta, it is never ever boring as there is always something going on. Personally I would like to go to sleep for about a year and wake up when all the CRJ200s are turned into Coke Cola cans but the 300th CRJ900 going to Delta’s Endeavor Air can only help (now can you PLEASE, Delta, put it on the SBN-ATL route)?!

Let’s jump in to all the other goings on in the aviation and Delta world since last time:

  • Raymond James say DAL stock has 20% upside is HERE
  • Maybe because they are more than an airline is HERE
  • BTW, Delta is going to buy Alaska airlines is HERE
  • BTW, Delta is NOT going to buy Alaska airlines is HERE
  • Speaking of Alaska, the DL vs AK turf wars is HERE & HERE
  • Delta CEO confirms NO voice calls on Delta jets is HERE
  • Remember the 9 yr. old Delta stowaway? An update is HERE
  • All safe on Delta jet that went off runway in DTW is HERE
  • Old people (like me) need to learn to use points to travel is HERE
  • Slow go for 2nd airport plan for Atlanta is HERE
  • 5 hurt on Delta jet due to servere turbulence is HERE
  • Delta now flies the longest flight in the world is HERE
  • Updates on the construction for the Delta Museum is HERE
  • Get your name on a brick by donating to the Delta Museum is HERE
  • Speaking of bricks, bet you get a ROCK from Delta’s $5 promo is HERE
  • The new Skymiles member bonus link still seems to work is HERE
  • Can you believe SAS made money last quarter is HERE
  • Former UA FA going to jail over bomb threats is HERE
  • Delta’s Minnesota call center is getting bigger is HERE
  • I can not say it enough, Delta people are the BEST is HERE

PHEW! Wow, what bunch of news and I had to cherry pick from my list to not make this post two pages long! I am so ready for 2014 to get here and get back to flying as it has been, well, a week since I was up in the air :-) – René

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delta news

When it comes to Delta Air Lines, there is never a boring month and this one is no different. One of the most interesting developments, confirmed by Delta Corp, is that Delta is now going to have an elite level beyond Diamond Medallion called  Delta360. To be clear, this is not so much another medallion level but special services and privileges to those who spend the most money with Delta (one more proof that your MQD number will soon be more important than any other number or “bling”)! I fully expect that soon Delta360 members will get more upgrades, will see more low level “saver” seats as I talked about before and a bunch of other perks yet to be announced.

Just what else has been going on since our last Delta & Skyteam update? Let’s take a quick look and bring you up to date:

  • A video of a Delta Porsche ride as talked about above.
  • Many new routes and seasonal routes from Delta newsroom
  • What airline has the best wifi? Delta maybe?
  • The government shutdown had apparently no impact on delta travel
  • Just how much cocaine can you put on an AF flight? Answer is a BUNCH!
  • Delta beat earnings estimates for last Quarter! The really interesting part is it appears the Trainer oil facility made a few bucks!
  • Delta really does not want ANOTHER Atlanta airport.

We are in the home stretch for 2013 everyone and I hope you have checked your MQM numbers and they are where you want them to be. All of our Medallion Qualifying Dollars or MQDs (or “Money Quota Database” as we like to call them) begins soon and we get to find out how to game the system to our advantage as we always do! Got some Skyteam news I missed? Be sure and share the link in your comment on the blog – René

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I don’t know about you but I am dizzy from all the Delta goings on this month. I know, like hurricane season, this time of the year we all batten down the hatches and figuratively spray paint on the outside of our Skymiles cards – GO AWAY ENHANCEMENTS!

But enough of my musings. Let’s get on with the news. Just what has been going on?

  • Skywest, a regional partner with Delta, is opening a maintenance facility at my home town airport SBN. Good news, more jobs. It seems like SBN is a great place for CRJ200s – I am going to cry!
  • Since you need some trained pilots to fly the growing fleet of Delta birds, Delta is also hiring 300 new pilots!
  • Hummm is Delta really one of the least respected brands in America? We know they are the hardest of ANY airline to find low level seats but is that enough to warrant this bashing?
  • Considering how much I am in and out of MKE as of last I am most happy that they have said TSA pre will be up and running by month end. This plus 59 other locations are on tap soon!
  • I personally will never invest in airline stocks, I am just not that brave, but a good overview of what Delta has been thinking and expanding as of late.

Phew. I will be happy when September is over, how about you. I am also really looking forward to meeting a bunch of readers soon at the Chicago Seminars in the beginning of October. It is such a good time and a wealth of knowledge each year. Hope to see you there! – René


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Airplane Diagram

Time to catch up on all the latest news about aviation and our Delta Air Lines. Delta jets are still flying packed to the gills (as we all know – right non-rev’s) and passenger load was up just a tiny bit. The key factor is making money. “We” are all putting up with all the changes Delta is making and keep flying. Can’t wait for Q3 number and really can NOT wait to see what is next this year. So on to the news:

  • With Delta stock price this high should we invest (me – NO) is HERE
  • A good piece about the long awaited 717′s from AirTran is HERE
  • A Delta A330 (DL99) had flap issues is HERE and FTC audio is HERE
  • And, the reason to ALWAYS wear your seat belt is HERE
  • Your PNR will never be a GONER again is HERE
  • MORE LAX flights this time to Mexico is HERE
  • New to Delta? This oldie but goodie seems to still work is HERE
  • In 60 seconds what Delta CEO is thinking is HERE
  • Planning on going to the Chicago Seminars? 50 tickets remain is HERE
  • What to do in Gothenburg Sweden (shameless shout out) is HERE

That just about wraps it up for this round. I am going to be flying in and out of MKE, ATL, DTW, & SFO next week so if you see me in a Skyclub by all means come up and say hi and let’s talk about points! Oh, and this is why you don’t walk (or drive) behind a 747 :-) – René

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faa weather delays

I am sure if you were flying in or out of the NYC area today you had a bit of bumpy ride and some delays. This has been an interesting summer of travel so far (i.e. weather wise). I also wanted to catch up on some goings on you may want to know about before some of them run out.

  • The Southwest Air 50,000 point bonus on 4 cards! All reports are saying that this bonus offer will be over on AUGUST 6th so if you have a new round of cards you are going for you may want to look at this one if you have not had all 4 before.
  • Delta is going to start flying back and forth all day long between LAX and SFO that is Los Angles and San Francisco! Maybe Delta Points west coast readers can chime in if this is needed and a good idea for Delta. The perks for this little flight sure sound nice. I wish all the short flights on Delta were this good (notice no #SkunkyGate they are pouring good beer)! :-)
  • I am always on a diet. I am really trying this year to drop 20-30 pounds. Slow and steady, a few pounds a week so far so I will do my best. But, for readers who are larger, did you know you can order your OWN almost universal seat belt extender so you don’t have to ask for one or ask for the 1 seat with a longer belt. Who knew right?
  • The Florida to Alaska mileage run, bookable 2x one way fares, is still alive and kicking. To pick up 10,000 MQMs for around $400 and do it in 2 days is impressive. I have looked up and down how I could do this trip but I have all the flying I can stand booked for the next six months.
  • Also BIG NEWS, BoardingArea is getting new bloggers on-board soon. Some names you will know and some maybe not. One of the blogs I have looked at for a long time due to his unique posting style and places he goes (plus he is a Mr. Mom and I think that is just kool) is Michael W. Travels. Welcome to BA Michael!

Lastly, the Chicago Seminars are just about sold out. I just know I will get about 10 E-mails when they are all gone with readers yelling – WHY DID YOU NOT TELL US? I will point to this post. – René

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changes sdc delta flyertalk

Via Delta Air Lines rep at FlyerTalk, DwayneSkyMiles, we get the above latest update after the last massive change.

This is some refreshing news that GM+ will not get “dinged” with the $50 fee. Many HVC i.e. those who spend a ton and fly Delta a ton, have departed Delta over this. It was a BAD move and these changes soften things a bit, but the fare class component is still firmly in place!

Will this be enough to get those back who bolted from our airline to another? One thing this DOES show is money talks. Make HVC mad enough they will say enough is enough and clearly this cost our airline!

I look forward to your input on this readers and what you think. It will also be nice to have more time to change now (if you can find it) but is this and just waiving the fee enough of a move? – René

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delta ife starting early

I am so happy it is Monday (who says that right?)! I have been so busy the past few weeks plus had a few weeks without my Lisa as she stayed in Sweden for a few weeks helping out with mom and has an amazing trip report for her return flight to share soon. Anyway, I have a few things to catch you up on in the Delta “world” and some news as well.

  • You can now start your IFE (in-flight entertainment – system) on the ground. My take on this is that while I like this, there have been so many times that Delta reps have to reboot the IFE that it will be interesting to see this implemented. Plus, about 1 out of 10 flights the FA’s don’t have time for a pre-flight drink and this will be just one more task for them to try to get done.
  • Readers all know I love Grand Cayman. Delta with Audience rewards has a chance to win 100,000 Skymiles and more plus earn a few Skymiles. Audience Rewards is a quick way each month to earn 10 Skymiles. Not much, but hey for a few seconds or even in-flight grab a few more, and the answers are posted on FlyerTalk each month by someone!
  • I got to check out the SkyDeck on my Mileage Run last week in the “F” concourse in Atlanta and will cover that this week. My fellow BA blogger PM&M has a good post about a new club I saw just across from the Skyclub. If you have any INK cards you can get 2 free visits via the “Lounge Club“!
  • Speaking of INK, I hope all have noticed you can get up to $500 gift cards with free S&H with your Chase cards for now. They can, with PIN, be loaded to BlueBird at Walmart according to all reports. There is a max of $2500 per 30 days.
  • My favorite award booking guru (Adam – see the E21 post in the Essentials Tab) got to fly Virgin Atlantic upper class and I look forward to his report. Also know some low level biz seats are starting to load into so be on the lookout for flights to try out their products.
  • Delta is getting into the food “reality” show biz it would seem. No, to be fair I love shows like “Chopped” so this could be fun to see. For me, what I really want Delta to do, is improve the food on short morning flights like the 1hr+ ones. I think a muffin and banana are just not fun in business class. On KLM etc. you get a “real” snack.
  • The old old old new account bonus account LINK is still live but I have no idea if you will still get all the points. Would love to get feedback if it is working this year too.
  • World Airline News reports the 717′s will start flying on September 19th for Delta! I cannot wait for Pinnacle Airlines – err - Endeavor Air to dump the CRJ200′s ASAP!
  • reports Delta is hiring pilots. They will be pulling from furloughed and regionals. With the new flight hour requirements for starting pilots we are going to see a real pilot shortage on the way over the next few years!
  • I am sure you have seen what gas prices have been doing as of late at the pump. If you think the rise in the price of oil will lead to higher prices soon for Delta tickets then I would agree with you!
  • Sorry but I am never ever going to Peru EVER now. Ewwww! Oh and nor I am ever going to DUBAI (check sound video plays automatically)!

These are the things that caught my eye Delta and aviation related. Any other Delta news you have seen we should see too? Be sure and include a URL or link in the comments if you can.- René

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change frontier to delta skymiles

I don’t know about you but I feel like summer is flying by (no pun intended). My daily life is starting to feel like a mileage run and I am just running from gate to gate. The news bits about Delta are coming just as fast. Let’s take a look:

☢ As I blogged about last summer, Frontier offered Wisconsin flyers to send their points over to Delta (as you can see thanks to the due to their pulling out of so many markets. But all did not go as smoothly as they would have liked, it would seem, and some flyers had to take matters into their own hands!

Shareholders happy paying Delta management a ton of cash thanks to the company making money!

☢ Pinnacle Airlines is GONE! Yeah. Oh, they are now Endeavor Air. I hope they Endeavor to dump the horrid CRJ-200′s ASAP so we don’t have to Endure anther flight with broken radio altimeter, bathrooms, tray tables and on and on!

☢ An interesting discussion about if Delta can and can’t discriminate based on weight!

☢ Delta is redoing the Delta museum in Atlanta. I have never been, but cannot wait to go and see the new place next year!

☢ Virgin exits the airplane seat mfg business (did not know they were IN that business).

☢ Looks like Delta is hiring more FA’s for the 717′s that will start flying in Delta colors this fall (can’t wait)!

☢ Delta does the right thing and refunds a sick man’s NON refundable ticket and then the travel agency keeps the refund? Huh? You have got to be kidding me!

Other things on my mind about our airline. August and September have, in the past few years, been the months where we have been hit with big changes. Last year it was consolidator fares getting axed in award and MQM earnings. The year before, the T72 change to award tickets. What will we get this year? I hope nothing, but that is not realistic. My sources tell me both good and bad are on the way by year end. I just hope the bad is not really bad, but we shall see and just hope we don’t get too many more “Ruh-Roh” moments. – René

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Unless you live on the moon you will know Delta opened the mighty TX4 terminal in JFK today. Some are upset to see the old T3 former PanAm “World Port” go (my grand dad was with PanAm for years btw) but for me new is better and time to move on! So what else is making Delta-ish news? Check it out:

  • The Chicago Seminars soon sold out!  – don’t miss out HERE
  •  Michael W’s blog has a nice Delta giveaway going HERE
  • PM&M has a good post about using MR points for Delta 1-way is HERE
  • Delta has updated their blog HERE
  • Will Delta “oil” ever make money? Maybe is HERE
  • A short video from Delta CEO is HERE
  • A longer video from Delta CEO is HERE
  • “They” say FF programs are not worth much – HA! is HERE
  • OK this video had nothing to do with Delta or flying it is just funny!

Have a great weekend everyone and be safe and be sure to check back tomorrow for my trip/cost report for my last mileage run as well as SWAG Saturday on the way at 1:PM- René

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