Delta NEWS roundup day – it has been a packed month so far!

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I don’t know about you but I am dizzy from all the Delta goings on this month. I know, like hurricane season, this time of the year we all batten down the hatches and figuratively spray paint on the outside of our Skymiles cards – GO AWAY ENHANCEMENTS!

But enough of my musings. Let’s get on with the news. Just what has been going on?

  • Skywest, a regional partner with Delta, is opening a maintenance facility at my home town airport SBN. Good news, more jobs. It seems like SBN is a great place for CRJ200s – I am going to cry!
  • Since you need some trained pilots to fly the growing fleet of Delta birds, Delta is also hiring 300 new pilots!
  • Hummm is Delta really one of the least respected brands in America? We know they are the hardest of ANY airline to find low level seats but is that enough to warrant this bashing?
  • Considering how much I am in and out of MKE as of last I am most happy that they have said TSA pre will be up and running by month end. This plus 59 other locations are on tap soon!
  • I personally will never invest in airline stocks, I am just not that brave, but a good overview of what Delta has been thinking and expanding as of late.

Phew. I will be happy when September is over, how about you. I am also really looking forward to meeting a bunch of readers soon at the Chicago Seminars in the beginning of October. It is such a good time and a wealth of knowledge each year. Hope to see you there! – René


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