7june post swag saturday winner

Congratulations to #52 that is Barbara the winner of the Bluetooth speakers as well as the Delta Points swag. I will email you soon and get your prizes on the way!

Beats urBeats In-Ear Headphones delta points swag saturday giveaway

Be sure and check back tomorrow as I will have not just ONE but TWO winners this week and each will get Delta Points swag and a set of Beats urBeats In-Ear Headphones! – René

Barclaycard Arrival+™
World MasterCard®
Earn 2x miles
on All Purchases

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bluetooth headset

This week how about some headphones. These are lightweight, rechargeable and will sync up with most devices that work with Bluetooth to let you enjoy music etc. with no cord. You can get more details from the MFG. site if you would like.

Delta Points Swag

Also included this week, some Delta Points swag as well. Not to sound like a broken record (what’s a record?) but the T&C and rules are the same each week and are HERE.

On to today’s question. Very soon US Air will be no more as the airline becomes one behemoth airline under the American Air name. We should know Citi has been chosen to be the main card to provide points to American flyers. But, for a short time longer, US Air points are still an option that will become AA points at some point. The current solid offer is:

tinyusaircard➲ The US Airways® Premier World MasterCard®

  • Earn 40,000 bonus miles after your first purchase and payment of the $89 annual fee*
  • First checked bag free on eligible bags for you and up to four companions on domestic US Airways operated flights
  • One companion certificate good for up to 2 guests to travel with you on a US Airways operated flight at $99 each, plus taxes and fees
  • Priority boarding Zone 2 on US Airways operated flights
  • Redeem miles for award travel on US Airways and American Airlines booked through usairways.com or US Airways Reservations
  • Earn miles on every purchase with 2 miles for every $1 you spend on US Airways purchases and 1 mile for every $1 on purchases everywhere else
  • Please see terms and conditions for complete details

The Annual fee for this card is $89 per year.


Between this and the 100,000 point AA card (not my link at bottom of page) you are talking, after spend, over 150,000 points! Not all bad on two cards. My question for you this weekend, for a shot via Random.org to win this week’s swag is:

  • Are you adding US Air points while you still can?

Yes or No is all I need but as always if you want to add more you can. Have a great weekend everyone! – Rene

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1june2014 sway winner deltapionts-com

First let me congratulate our Random.org winner # 31 Randy who just says: “YES”. I will contact you soon and mail off your SWAG to you this week. Thanks for playing along!

Now on to some the funniest comments and some of the “worst of the worst” procrastinators. I mean, when you comment the below, you need help :-)

  • Definitely a procrastinator. I’m getting married next weekend, and there are many things left to do!
  • I hate to admit it Rene but I’m a procrastinator. This is for your swag from last week, right? :-)
  • On balance, I am not. I do hate yard work though, so I do attempt to put that off
  • Absolutely, why do today what you can put off until tomorrow.
  • Absolutely. I’m surprised I got around to commenting on this.
  • Yep. Read this post 4 hours ago and just now commenting on it.
  • I plan to go to a – Procrastinators Anonymous meeting, but I keep putting it off.
  • I’m a procrastinator for sure, just applied to 60k ink
  • I’ll tell you later…
  • Honestly, I procrastinate all the time. Bad habits are hard to break. I’ll fix it tomorrow.
  • I was going to comment later but went ahead just got it over with.
  • My name’s pawtim, and I’m a procrastinator!
  • Of course — if time allows :)
  • I meant to answer this yesterday but didn’t get around to it.
  • Yes. Still haven’t filed my taxes yet.
  • It depends. Here it is Sunday, and I am answering SWAG Saturday.
  • I usually don’t get around to replying to your SWAG posts until several days *after* you’ve announced a winner! :)

Wow you all are amazing and really funny. I wish I could give out SWAG prizes for best answer rather than using Random.org but I give you a DeltaPoints shout-out for making me smile from ear to ear today. Thanks! – René

Barclaycard Arrival+(TM)
World MasterCard®
Earn 2x on All Purchases

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i need to stop procrastinating

Someone in my family was always late. Late for just about everything. Another one was always early; often a lot early. I don’t like stress so I have adopted the latter in my life. 1-2hrs early for a flight? No problem, I can relax and enjoy rather than starting a trip stressed-out.

Same goes for my MQMs or Medallion Qualifying Miles. I will end the year with an extra 100k+ to rollover. I like being early. But some are procrastinators. I get that life does tend to get in the way sometimes.


tiny chase ink plus Chase Ink Plus® 60,000 BONUS POINTS Business Credit Card


tiny ink boldChase Ink Bold® 60,000 BONUS POINTS Business Charge Card


tiny chase ink cash Chase Ink Cash® 30,000 BONUS POINTS Business Credit Card

Maybe you have been putting off getting in on the latest INK deals that END tomorrow, Sunday 1JUNE2014 at 3:PM ET! If you have been procrastinating, your time is just about up.

lots of swag

This week I have a bunch of SWAG including a Motorola Bluetooth Keyboard, a travel power adapter, a 2600mAh battery saver as well as some DeltaPoints swag (& a T-shirt too). The rules are the same each week and are HERE.

For a chance to win, via Random.org, all I need from you is to tell me – are you a procrastinator or not? Be honest now, neither answer will improve your chance to win! – Rene

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Good old Random.org tells us that  this week’s travel kit re-purpose winner is # 19 that is Chris is our winner who says:

“Pretty much the standard stuff. Have a airline pouch in my work back pack with all the cables & a wireless mouse and my RSA token. Use the kits when we travel to keep each person’s charging cables, batteries, etc.. together. Each person is responsible for their own pack when we leave and at each stop.”

Congratulations Chris I will be sure to reach out and contact you soon and get your prize on the way.

Now on to some of your ideas I really though were clever (I mean beyond mine)! Let’s take a look:

  • For jewelery when traveling
  • Camera equipment
  • Makeup organization
  • Shower caps for shoes
  • Gifts for kids / granddads
  • Gift for charities
  • Small stuff inside suitcase
  • Keep receipts when traveling
  • Travel adapters
  • Mobile phones & cash in shoe polish bags
  • Vitamins or medications
  • Crayons, toys etc. for kids when traveling

What great ideas; I plan to borrow some of them. And as a note to airlines, hotels and the like, keep re-purposing in mind as you have a chance to have your logo seen and used again and again and again! – René

Barclaycard Arrival(TM)
World MasterCard®
Earn 2x on All Purchases

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delta air lines amenity kit from business class delta points blog

I love airline gifts. Most of them are kinda cheesy and if you were paying for this kind of “quality” you would be sure to move on and look at other options. But that is not to say these little bits are not useful. What do I mean?

It really is all about the repurpose. Sure we do use kits sometimes on flights but many times I just toss them in my bag and take them home to use for other things. What things?:

  • Kit bag for laptop & other power cords. There are 1000+ options to reuse a good airline kit bag for all the adapters we travel with.
  • Airline socks to put on when I polish my shoes. Ever get yelled at for polish on a “good” pair of socks by your wife? This is a workaround for that I have found.
  • Stocking a guest bath room? Our guest bath always contains extra 1x tooth brushes from airline kits for when guest stop by unexpected.
  • Lastly, from Westin, their shoe shine cloth is like a pocket and very soft. I put a small thing of hand sanitizer in the pocket and wrap it up. I have found 1 drop on my tablet screen cleans it very well with that and the Westin cloth!

swag saturday tech giveaway two power banks auto power and usb power

I could go on and on but it is SWAG Saturday and I am asking for something HARD this week. The rules, as always, are HERE if you have never seen then. Then, for a shot at ALL the travel swag you see above, a travel auto power adapter, a 10,000 mAh & a 2,600 mAh battery brick and lastly a card to dual USB adapter, I need you to tell me this:

How do you repurpose an airline, hotel or other free kit (tell us). What have you found you like to do with your free “stuff”? – Rene


PS – don’t forget time is running out
on 60k INK cards!


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watch winner 5-18

Congratulations to this weeks winner #34 “Mr. H.” Who says: “The sign-up bonus! Can you elaborate on the 120 days? I am not following this…”

Thanks for taking part and I will e-mail you soon. BTW to answer your question Mr. H., if you charge say a Delta ticket with the Barclay’s Arrival+ card, you have 120 days to pay it back with points and time to earn the point to pay it back! I love it.

So many say there  are other cards that are better than this one. To me, all the perks you listed in your comments makes this one of the best choices for flexible travel. Plus, if you happen to be a Delta medallion, buying an airline ticket for a domestic ticket, you have a good shot at a free upgrade and will earn points for the trip! – René

Barclaycard Arrival(TM)
World MasterCard®
Earn 2x on All Purchases

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arrival plus new features

For us as Delta flyers we seem to be used to only getting bad news and when we hear the word “enhancement” we know something bad is on the way. This just is NOT the case when it comes to the Barclay’s Arrival+ card. Their enhancements are just that – huge improvements to an already outstanding product.

I called yesterday to request my Chip-N-Pin card but what most impresses me is the change from 90 to 120 days to redeem your points. Stunning. You can now pay for even more travel items and have up to the better part of 4 months to earn the points to pay for that charge.

rewards boost

Plus, as you can see from the above, getting 4x from buying AMEX gift cards takes only a little over a month to post (sometimes up to 8 weeks). But no problem with the 120 day new redeem rules. How sweet is that.

For us as Delta flyers we can either use an Arrival card or another card like a Delta AMEX and still earn the 4x and then the points on whatever card we use for payment. It does not get much better and I love using these points to buy mileage runs as well as hotel rooms.

impulse steinhausen watch

But this is SWAG Saturday right? (Rules HERE btw). You bet it is. So how about this, for a chance to win this very nice silver color men’s Impulse Steinhausen Dual time zone watch tell me what your favorite feature of the Barclays Arrival card is and I will then use Random.org to pick the winner Sunday night! – René

Barclaycard Arrival(TM)
World MasterCard®
Earn 2x on All Purchases

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ink swag winner

First let’s get to our winner via Random.org and they say #62 Cathy H. Who simply says: “No.”

That is NO she does not have an INK card. I will contact you soon to get your prize on the way.

Now to the results that frankly blow me away. The key 3 INK cards are:





I simple love my INK cards. I now have both an INK Plus and INK BOLD Visa card (had the Mastercards in the past) and love the fact you can get 60,000 bonus points after you spend $5,000 in the first 3 months from account opening. What that means for me as a Delta flyer is I can use them to have $750 toward travel when you redeem through Chase Ultimate Rewards. I will earn Delta Skymiles, MQMs and MDQs when I spend those points as I have shown in the past!

The Chase Ink Cash card is also a great deal at 30,000 points or $300 bonus cash back after you spend $3,000 in 3 months from account opening.

Here is how the answers broke down in the survey of readers:

  • 24% or 63 of you have one of these cards
  • 76% or 205 do not have one of these cards


Keeping in mind the VisaEdgeSavings (free to register) that can get you even more savings back, the 5x for so many every day things like your cell bill or cable bill not to mention 5x for office supply stores I do hope the 76% of you who don’t have one will consider adding one if you are a business owner or sole proprietor and eligible while the 60,000 promotion from Chase is going on! – René

Chase Ink Plus®
Credit Card

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last weeks winner of swag sat on the blog

I think I have had my 1st senior moment as I approach 50 years old (yeah I know, just wait till I am 60 or 70). No really, I had some issues with last weeks drawing on Sunday eve so I moved it to Monday then I just forgot to do it. Ruh roh – sorry kids! So, here is the winner for last week! It is #98 Lance who really liked the post asking if Delta is doing bait-N-swich pricing with their broken website. Congrats Lance and I will contact you soon to get your prizes on the way.

igo active noise canceling headphones

So let’s see if I can do any better this week and not make the winner wait a week :-) I have up for grabs a set of the headphones I use when I fly, that is an iGo Noise Canceling set that works for me. Plus I will toss in a bunch of other DeltaPoints SWAG as well. The rules for the weekly drawing are HERE if you have never ever seen them.

Then on to my quick question for you. It is all about INK BOLD & INK PLUS. I just went for and was approved for the INK BOLD as the old one I had was a MasterCard and the new one they have is a VISA so I was eligible to get the 60,000 points plus 5,000 for spend netting me 65,000 total Ultimate rewards points. Joy! BTW if you need a link and want to support the blog just send me an email please and I will get it to you.

So my question for you is a simple one, do you have an INK BOLD or PLUS card? Yes or No? That is all I need. If you want to share more like I had the MasterCard and am going for the Visa etc. etc. you may, but all I need is Yes or No. – René

Barclaycard Arrival™
World MasterCard®
Earn 2x miles
on All Purchases

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