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swiss backpack

This week I finally had to let go of my old backpack. I thought I was in love with it but then I discovered the zippers were not all that strong. It had many multi-pockets, but most were too small to be useful. The handle, well, not perfect. I could go on. So time to upgrade.

This Swiss Gear one looks perfect to me. Most time I have my laptop in it’s own bag but there are times I want to have just a backpack. So this one fills that need. Plus, the pockets are all spacious. The handle is rock solid and works. I am most pleased with my upgrade.

delta points polo shirt black

Now on to the SWAG Saturday part. The rules, that are almost always the same, are  HERE  so if new to the blog take a look because by commenting you are agreeing you have read the rules! Oh in addition to the very nice backpack, inside it I will include a Delta Points custom embroidered polo shirt and some other nice swag as well (and some HOOU coupons too)!

1 year hoou have one on us delta coupone delta points blog

Then what do I need from you this week for a shot at this nice travel package? Let’s just make it a quick and simple YES or NO answer to this question (but you can comment more if you like).

Did you know that the free bag fee waiver, from the Delta AMEX Gold card, for you and up to 8 more traveling with you, does NOT require you to pay for the ticket with your Delta AMEX Gold card to get the perk? Yep you can pay with any other card like your Barclay’s Arrival+ card to pay yourself back with points and still get the free bag perk (just make sure your Delta AMEX Gold shows up on your My page)! – René
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Posted by rene | 336 Comments

336 Responses to “SWAG Saturday: It is time to upgrade my backpack. You get one too!”

  1. Gayle Watkins says:


  2. Kristine says:


    Great tip!

  3. Charles E. Potts says:

    No. I didn’t realize that quirk in the benefit but will definitely remember and pass along to my friends. Thank you.

  4. Randall Powers says:

    No. Interesting!

  5. Dr. John says:


  6. ashley says:

    no,did not know

  7. Mike says:

    No. Had no idea.

  8. Bhanik says:


  9. Jim says:

    No but I like the double miles

  10. Bruce says:

    No. Didn’t know that

  11. megan z says:

    No, I did not!

  12. Dennis Carter says:

    Yes, I did know that.

  13. Damon says:

    Yes I used that perk quite a few times before I made FO!

  14. Ty says:

    Actually, yes I did know that!

  15. Lisa E says:

    No. It would not have occurred to me to even check.

  16. Tim G says:


  17. Young_Tho®ough says:

    Sure did, but do you recall the snickers commercial I referenced on Twitter? Hope you enjoy your pack lots of people I’ve seen with it love the functionality. I almost got a ttech backpack but got GE shortly before so laptop stays inside. Grabbed a Tumi instead and love it!

  18. JamesP says:

    No, but great post as always!
    Thanks for the contest.

  19. Randy says:

    No. Good info.

  20. jeff says:

    Yes. Thanks for the reminder!

  21. Neet says:

    Yes, but like all things we could always use some good reminders. Love Delta!

  22. Bryan says:

    Yes, I did.

  23. Brian says:


  24. Bev Cooper Wright says:


  25. Michael H (oldfox) says:

    No, I did not. Thanks for the useful info!

  26. Merle G Wright says:


  27. Sj says:

    No. What a good tip!

  28. Matt says:

    No; but that’s great info!

  29. Perry says:

    No. Thanks for the tip.

  30. Arthur H says:

    Yup, knew that and have taken advantage of that benefit.

  31. purcitron says:


  32. Jonathan says:


  33. Denise says:


  34. Chris says:


  35. Drew says:

    No I didn’t, thanks

  36. James says:


  37. Randy W. says:

    Yes. A great perk.

  38. Barrett says:


  39. Shauni says:

    Nope. I thought that all of the perks associated with my newly required Gold Amex meant were only applicable when I used the card. How about that! Great info

  40. Rob says:

    No, but that is really good to know. Thanks.

  41. Piers says:

    No, did not know that!

  42. J says:

    Yes, thanks.

  43. William says:


  44. Adam stern says:


  45. Gordon says:


  46. Denise L says:


  47. Pete says:

    (Also an SBN guy by the way).

  48. Robert says:


  49. Jeff Blount says:

    Yes. And how about the roadside assistance benefit with the Reserve card? Had to use that yesterday. Gotta get our money’s worth!

  50. Daniel says:

    Yes- unfortunately my company insists on paying for my plane tickets, but I still get the perks associated with this card (and the SkyMiles, of course!).

  51. Jim F. says:

    No, didn’t realize that; thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  52. VH says:

    No! But I am now. Thx!

  53. Candace says:

    No. Thanks for the info!

  54. Stephen says:


  55. Karl says:

    No. I guess that is a great reason to get the card but I wish Delta miles were able to be used more easily.

  56. Marc says:

    No, I had no idea. Thanks.

  57. Emily e says:


  58. Louis C says:


  59. chen says:

    no did not know

  60. Clare N says:

    Yes, I knew it.

  61. Margita says:

    No. Thanks for the help!

  62. CCL says:

    No, I did not. Great tip, thanks!

  63. Steve says:


  64. GetToThePoints says:

    No, I sure didn’t know this

  65. Sterling says:

    Nope good to know!

  66. Prabir says:

    No. Awesome tip!

  67. Nachshol says:

    No! Awesome

  68. stephen y says:

    NO … Now I Know

  69. Diego says:

    No. Definitely did not! Does the priority boarding perk also apply if you don’t pay with it? thanks!

  70. Lee Ann says:

    I didn’t know that. Thanks for the info!

  71. Anthony says:


  72. Gregory says:


  73. Anita B says:


  74. john says:

    Didn’t know that but I have that backpack and love it.

  75. Greg M says:

    Yes. I was made aware of this by reading “Delta Points”.

  76. RaiderHoosier says:

    No, I didn’t.

  77. Rich C says:


  78. David says:


  79. Brian says:

    Yes and have done it.

  80. Miriam says:


  81. Jacob says:

    No. But cool!

  82. Rich says:

    I have personally verified that we get the checked bags free, as I often travel for business with tickets paid on company Amex, and I have the platinum skymiles Amex. No bag fees :-)

  83. Chuck says:

    No, I had no idea. The backpack would be great on our upcoming trip to Madrid. Hope I win and keep up the great blog!

  84. Rick says:

    No great information does it work with other Delta AMX cards?

  85. Dave says:

    Nope. I assume this applies to the Delta Platinum card too?

  86. Uclalum says:

    Yes. I hope I win. I could really use a new bag. The divorce is costing me everything!

  87. Russ says:

    Yes, I did know that. It would be nice if other cardholders on the same AmEx account could also get the benefit, though.

  88. Harvey says:


  89. Matt s says:


  90. Pam says:

    No. I did not know that. Was denied the free bag on an AA flight last year for failing to pay with my Citi AA card, so good to know Delta isn’t as strict.

  91. Ryan Goemans says:

    Yes I was.

  92. Nancy says:

    no – and I fly Delta all the time! Is this good for award flights also?

  93. Denis says:


  94. Jeremy Kaplan says:


  95. Julie p says:


  96. justin says:

    No. This is news to me!

  97. Chris says:

    Yes I’ve done it many times

  98. Marcos says:

    No I did not but will use it on a trip to Hawaii I take this week with my wife. Nice timing Rene! Thanks for the on going education.

  99. Tami F says:


  100. Terry O'Reilly says:


  101. Laura says:

    Yes, but found out that with the reserve card Delta isn’t honoring free bags anymore, odd but seems to be true after encountering several Delta employees that say they won’t honor the free bags with that card.

  102. Mark R. says:


  103. Delta Dave says:


  104. bill b says:

    no TKS for the tip BUT more tks for ALL you do for us DELTA flyers

  105. mike says:

    not our decision

  106. Teresa P. says:


  107. Mike B says:


  108. Jo says:

    No, didn’t know that but I use my Delta Amex

  109. DeeDee Perkins says:


  110. BJ says:

    No. great tip!

  111. Ron Harvey says:


  112. Robert says:


  113. Julie says:

    Yes, and have taken advantage of that perk a few times.

  114. Sherri says:


  115. Emil says:

    No, didn’t know that – thanks for the tip!

  116. Anne says:

    Yes, I did know that. But thnx for the reminder. Your imput and advice is always helpful.

  117. Aaron says:

    Yes I knew that particular perk. What’s amazed me at times are agents that don’t!

  118. Kara says:


  119. Bobnormik says:

    Nope. Did not know that.

  120. Corbett Kroehler says:

    Yes, because of the nature of the market at MCO, I stand among our large bank of kiosks and often hear travelers ask sternly how they obtain the bag waiver. From the staff replies, I’ve come to understand how this works.

  121. Cherylthings says:

    No, I didn’t know that fun fact

  122. Adam says:

    Yes, I was aware of that.

  123. Trudy says:

    Yes, I knew but when I read it again on your site, it refreshed my memory. Thanks!

  124. Don in ATL says:


  125. Kathleen says:

    YES…I did know, because I just got the card, and I studied up on the benefits before I applied. BUT…I did not know that my card needed to show up on the MyDelta page. I checked, and it’s there, so I’m good to go.

  126. Adrian R says:


  127. CJ says:

    Yes, but thanks for the reminder. My kids have this card for the free bags and zone 1 boarding. Pays for itself!

  128. Brian says:

    Yes. Thanks for the reminder

  129. Rich says:

    No ! I did Not know that .

  130. david k says:


  131. Andrew G says:


  132. ttxtri says:


  133. EIG says:

    No I didnt know that. Thanks

  134. Nathan F. says:


  135. Smoke says:

    No, great tip.

  136. Al says:

    No, I did not know. Thanks

  137. Vicki says:


  138. Jeff Rowland says:

    No but good to know

  139. Christine says:

    No, I did not know. Once again, I’m learning something good and useful from you.

  140. Sam says:

    Yes! Unlike the United MileagePlus Explorer.

  141. Greg says:

    Yes I did.. it’s a flag which is attached to your SkyMiles account, so using the credit card is not required.

  142. Gordon L says:

    No, did not know. Once again Rene enlightens us! Thanks.

  143. Deltagoldlass says:

    Hi wonderful René


    Didn’t know but thanks for the newsy tip!

    Off to GOT tomorrow
    Could have used such a cool backpack
    Oh well maybe another time
    Please share your FAV restaurant there
    Nina ;)

  144. Kim Ferguson says:


  145. Byron says:

    No. Thanks for the info!

  146. Dan says:

    Yes. I take advantage when traveling with my sister’s family.

  147. MK83 says:

    No, I did not know that.

  148. matt says:


  149. Rosalie Gjerde says:


  150. Dejamo says:


  151. Nancy says:

    No, I had no idea. The backpack would be fantastic on my upcoming trip to Newport, RI. Hope I win and keep up the great blog!

  152. Bill says:

    No, but I do now!

  153. Dave says:

    No, I didn’t know that. Will come in handy in two weeks when travelling to SFO with my extended family. Thanks Rene.

  154. Kevin says:

    NO, have had a Reserve card since it came out but had no clue.

  155. Pete G says:


  156. Cathy Lovell says:

    No, had no idea but thanks for the tip

  157. Gene Krupa says:


  158. Steve says:

    No. I was not aware of that.

  159. Shannon M. says:

    Yup. Great perk.

  160. Chris says:

    No, i didn’t know that

  161. Rob Gerhard says:

    I suppose I did know that, but it wasn’t “top of mind”. Thanks for the reminder!

  162. David says:

    Yes, thanks to you.

  163. John says:

    No, but I do now. Thanks!

  164. Deby talley says:

    No. I did not know that.

  165. GLobus1 says:

    No, I did not know that.

  166. Mark says:

    Yes. I think I knew that.

  167. Luke Coyne says:

    Yes, it helped a lot with traveling to Europe.

  168. Patrick B says:

    No I didn’t.

  169. Andrea says:


  170. Bernard Levinson says:

    Cool: did not know.

  171. meredith says:


  172. Jeff says:

    Yes, did know and am about to book with a companion cert to fly to NY for October wedding wit Arrival+

  173. JRG says:

    No. I did not know that.

  174. Mike T says:


  175. Olga says:

    I didn’t know that, and your tip came right on time – I just got my Delta Gold Amex a week ago! Thank you for the great tip!

  176. Olga says:

    No, I didn’t know that, and your tip came right on time – I just got my Delta Gold Amex a week ago! Thank you for the great tip!

  177. Scott says:

    Yes. I think the only spend I’ve put on my AMEX Delta Gold Card in the past year has been for a Woodford when flying coach (for the discount). I keep it just for the free bag perk.

  178. John says:

    Yes I use it often.

  179. Marvin says:

    No, didn’t realize that

  180. Judy says:

    Nope…probably not something they want to publicize!

  181. Robert Lamb says:


  182. Pamela Olsen says:

    My answer is NO.

    Is there somewhere on your website that spells out the acronyms you commonly use? For instance HOOU in this swag post.

  183. Michelle Cunningham says:

    Very helpful!

  184. John S. says:

    No, I didn’t know that!

  185. Kathy Fitzpatrick says:

    No, but I like the double miles when I use it.

  186. Johnny says:


  187. DVMonthego says:

    No, didn’t know – always put Delta tickets on Delta Amex Resv.

  188. Uri Hadelsberg says:


  189. Chris W. says:

    Yes, I did know that! Buy always use my Delta Amex Gold to rack up more miles!!

  190. dotti cahill says:

    No did not know u could use other CC’s

  191. Ryan Williams says:

    No i did not know that!

  192. George Dib says:

    Hey Rene. Yes, I knew this. Actually, I carry a Reserve card. Getting close to the $30K spend to get my 15,000 MQM’s and then on to Platinum for the first time! Woohoo!

  193. Nishanth Ch. says:

    No. Thanks for the tip!

  194. paul v says:


  195. robertw says:

    No I did not know about this either. I am trying hard now to try to keep my Diamond status for 2015-2016.


  196. Kent Morrow says:

    Yes but not the part about up to 8 people.

  197. Kent Morrow says:


  198. Kent Morrow says:


  199. augias says:

    yes I knew that – but thank you for the reminder! It’s easy to get confused with all these cards following different rules.

  200. Zach says:

    No. Thanks for the tip!

  201. PCB says:

    Had no idea!

  202. Andrew P says:

    No, I didn’t know that tip

  203. u600213 says:

    NO. Thanks. However, I think traveling with 7 other people would be a nightmare. It’s bad enough when I get upgraded and my wife doesn’t.

  204. Carol H says:

    No, so thanks for another great tip!!

  205. Donna says:

    No. Thanks for the info.

  206. Kathy Daigle says:

    No. Thanks for the info.

  207. Norman B says:

    Yes, definitely

  208. Daniel says:

    No…but it is great to know that!

  209. William H says:

    No, I did not know that! Thanks, as always, for such great tips!

  210. Harlan says:


  211. John B says:


  212. Bill from maine says:

    No. I didn’t know that. Great tip. Thanks.

  213. P T says:

    Yes. Knew that!

  214. BenTraveling says:


  215. Chris Welling says:

    I wasn’t actually sure, because I have flown many times and have been told conflicting information on this very point, so regardless, I always book with my Delta Gold Business card.

  216. Dannon Shiff says:

    Yes!!! And we’ve used it many times!

  217. Carol says:

    No, I hope it the concept spreads!

  218. Lisa Osta says:

    Thanks for the info!

  219. Aarash says:

    Nope, that is a pretty awesome perk, though!

  220. Warren says:


  221. gREG Z says:


  222. Cliff says:


  223. Jon says:

    Yes, and hopefully the requirement will not become the next Delta “enhancement”.

  224. Cliff says:


  225. Phil gold says:

    No. Thanks!

  226. Kt729 says:

    Cool! Had no idea! Thanks!!

  227. Jeff M says:


  228. Susan says:


  229. Gaurav says:


  230. Ontherun says:

    No I didn’t

  231. Brian says:


  232. Kevin says:

    Yes, I did.

  233. Brandon M says:

    Yes, I actually just reread the terms to see if I would be able to get my grandma a free bag while dropping her off at the airport, but not traveling with her.

  234. Phil R says:

    For me it’s a no.

  235. Dean H says:

    No, and thank you!

  236. Dale says:


  237. Angela says:

    No, I did not know that…. That’s awesome!

  238. PAUL SEET says:


  239. Susie G. says:

    NO! I had no idea!

  240. Steve says:

    No, actually, I didn’t!

  241. Rick says:

    No, that’s a surprise!
    Sure to be changed now that you’ve highlighted it.

  242. Taryn Haney says:


  243. Christian says:

    Yes. It’s a pretty rock the house benefit.

  244. cesar ocampo says:


  245. Michael J. says:

    No, but that IS good to know!

  246. Clinton H says:

    No, but I typically fly with just a carry on.

  247. Graydon says:

    Yes, and this is a sweet follow up tot he MQM giveaway Rene!

  248. StephenB says:

    Yes, great perk

  249. David says:

    No. Thanks for the info.

  250. Bob says:

    No, I had no idea.

  251. Peter N says:


  252. R. says:

    No, I didn’t. But then again, I still don’t have the card.

  253. Randy says:

    I think it is time you upgraded to adult luggage and throw down the backpack.

  254. Layla says:

    No. I rarely check a bag.

  255. Ian says:

    No, though good to know!

  256. John L says:

    Yes I did! I have used it when my employer bought the tickets.

  257. Nick O says:

    No, I didn’t know that

  258. Ed says:

    No, I didn’t.

  259. Susan says:

    No – thx!

  260. Matthew Wilson says:

    no – I had no idea

  261. Kathy says:

    Yes! :)

  262. Robert says:


  263. Pawtim says:

    I must have learned it from reading your blog!
    And, I love backpacks with a handsome polo shirt inside! :-)

  264. Greg D says:


  265. Patricia says:

    No, I did not know. But I know a lot of new things from reading this blog.

  266. Mike says:

    No – I didn’t know that.

  267. Claudia Davis says:

    No I didnt know and I had that card for while before I canceled it because it wasnt being used enough. Might try it again just for the free bag perk.

  268. Wayne says:


  269. Ed C says:

    No. I need the Am Ex $60K spend anyways.

  270. addie says:

    no. but then again, I purchase almost all of my flights with Delta’s amex.

  271. Brian H says:


  272. Bruce says:

    Yes. So many nuances with all of this.

  273. Michael says:


  274. Kent Morrow says:

    Where would I need to look to ensure my AMEX Gold card is listed on My page?

  275. Brett says:

    Had no clue! Why do I even have a Platinum card?

  276. Nick E says:

    No, but as a longtime medallion member, I never use this benefit as it is!

  277. Sara M. says:

    No, I didn’t know that!

  278. Dave says:

    No, I didn’t know that.

  279. Cate! says:

    Yes, I knew that! Have had AmEx Delta cards for years, living in a captive hub. Read through the fine print one time and realized you don’t have to actually PAY with the card to get the benefits. Woot!

  280. Clay S says:

    Yep! Used this many times while paying with another card!

  281. Gary says:

    No, I did not realize this, what a great tip…..THANKS

  282. Angelo R. says:


  283. Mike Taylor says:


  284. Lenny Prion says:


  285. Chris says:

    No, I actually forgot because I usually don’t have to worry about that as a medallion but it is a good tip to tell family members!

  286. Iammine843 says:

    No! I didn’t! With the other info you have me now I am defiantly switching to the Barclay from Chase Shappire Perfered! Thanks!

  287. Gordon says:

    No. Thought you had to use the card to get the benifit.

  288. Jesse Clintsman says:


  289. […] congratulations to our winner #216 that is Marvin. I will contact you soon and get your Swiss Gear backpack and other goodies on the way soon. Now on to the shocking […]

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