Readers have been e-mailing me about having to RUN in ATL due to very very long lines at security. If there has ever been a time to go ahead and get your GOES and TSA Pre done it is now as I blogged about  HERE  . Also, the strike in Brussels, Belgium (BRU) could affect you today as well.

➤ Points Miles & Martini’s has a good post on the latest “enhancement” to our Economy Comfort seating fees!

➤ In case you missed my post last night, nothing but “skunky beer” now for free in the Delta Skyclubs!

➤ If you are going to Scandinavia Delta is resuming seasonal flights to both Sweden and Denmark.

➤ You may want to read the comment on the Delta e-Gift cards if you have an AMEX PLAT card of either the personal or business flavor! :-)

➤ Live in Austin? Phoenix? Join me and other points enthusiasts for lunch on Tuesday!

➤ I have posted some Mileage Run updates at Milepoint – 11,000+ MQM’s under $500!

➤ And lastly today, always take your SKY with you and shoot a photo for a chance to win from SKY!

 Any other little Delta updates I have missed or you know about? Please comment on the blog below. – René

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7 Responses to “Delta Updates from around the web (keeping you informed)”

  1. Chris B. says:

    Wow. I just read the PMM post. This is basically stealing, in my opinion. I have no incentive to upgrade to economy comfort now.
    You know; with the increase in change fees, higher ticket prices, baggage fees (or credit card annual fee), difficulty to make even Silver Medallion (due to MQDs), the work needed to get a low mile award ticket, and now keeping prepaid fees for a seat when the ticket is refunded, I’m not sure Delta is the airline for me anymore.
    I am all for flowing with the changes and doing what we can to keep the airline profitable, but I don’t think this new rule is fair. If a non-elite (or low level elite) cancels or changes a ticket, they already pay almost half to most of the ticket price in change fees, and this just makes that fee too high.
    For 4,000 miles flown, we can get Star Alliance Silver status on Aegean airline, which provides one free bag, priority security, priority check-in, priority baggage handling, and priority boarding. Basically the same as the Delta AMEX without the annual fee. In addition, United has better award seat availability and lower ticket prices than Delta out of my market, even if their customer service is lacking.
    This new policy (keep a fee without delivering the goods) takes advantage of their infrequent customers, and this makes me reconsider flying with Delta in the future, even if I pay a fair price (as set by their MQD requirement) for their ticket.

  2. Brabbit says:

    Economy Comfort change is just another reason I’m glad I left DL. The main reason I keep up DL news is because deep down I’m hoping that someone up in DL Corp snaps out of this race to the bottom of elite benefits

  3. Delta Points says:

    @Brabbit – I feel your pain. I will say this – there will be a BUNCH less elites to compete with in 2015 ;-) so upgrades should be much better!

  4. Shindig says:

    There won’t be a BUNCH less elites but there will likely be a BUNCH fewer elites.

  5. Graydon says:

    Yes, skunky beer and bottom shelf vodka. Thanks Delta.

  6. Texasyankee says:

    Go to the back of the plane (MD90 remodeled) and see how the space between seats has diminished and you will see why they are pushing everyone toward Economy Comfort. R Anderson talks about safety and comfort in his video yet I do not see how a seat that is close to a crippling experience is comfortable or safe.

  7. Brabbit says:

    I think you may be right with better UG percentage, however that was only my second most valuable elite perk. Their SDC policy was just enough to keep me… WAS just enough to keep me

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