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I am a total tech geek (well sure with my line of work I should be right?)! I love gadgets. Now not just any gadget (well…) but only gadgets that I can use. I am not about the most expensive gadget unless it does something so much better like my NOTE2 phone that I really do love and it is a perfect “phablet” (combo-phone-tablet) for me to run the blog when mobile. I have also talked about the other toys I travel with and they are all very useful and they come out of my computer bag at each hotel stop I make.

I also have a bunch of tunes in my phone and on my “real” tablet but the speakers in the devices are not the greatest. If I watch a movie the sound quality is disappointing. Enter the gadget above that you have a chance to win this week (plus qualify for the medallion status giveaway). The terms are the same they are EACH week and you can look at them HERE. So this is not an uber-high end sound speaker but being blue tooth is nice to put it anywhere in the room and enjoy my tunes! Very kool geek gadget!

To win this week, you have to pick what you favorite Chase card is. You can pick one of these or another one not listed just name it!

Have a great weekend everyone! – René

Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card
from American Express®
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182 Responses to “Delta Points SWAG Saturday giveaway Week #3”

  1. Joe says:

    So far, it’s my British Airways card. Will be using it in Europe soon with no foreign exchange fee and smart chip. Ink Bold is a close second!

  2. Curtis says:


  3. Michelle says:

    Chase Freedom Visa! :)

  4. Jen says:

    Ink Bold!

  5. Sean O says:

    I’m partial to the Sapphire.

  6. Gregg Medina says:

    I use my Chase Freedom Visa and i also happen to be looking for a bluetooth speaker! I saw your tweet and it was meant to be! I just flew Delta back from Florida. Our first plane needed a part so we couldn’t fly that one and we only waited an hour before Delta brought us another plane to leave on at the next gate. Thanks for the great quick service too!!

  7. Jeffrey L says:

    Definitely Sapphire!

  8. Ted says:


  9. Isaac B. says:

    Chase freedom is my go to card

  10. Kurt L says:

    I know you’ll be disappointed in me, Rene, but I don’t have a Chase card!

  11. Kyle says:

    Ink Bold!

  12. Keven says:

    chase sapphire

  13. NC says:

    chase freedom

  14. Ari K says:

    Freedom…gives me the freedom to maintain my UR points even if I shut down my Sapphire/Bold accounts :)

  15. AJM says:

    Ink Bold for sure!

  16. ASavi says:

    Chase sapphire preferred

  17. Scuta says:

    Ink plus!!

  18. Stuart says:

    Love the Chase Sapphire card!

  19. jarro says:

    Chase Ink Plus is my favorite

  20. nick says:


  21. Hilary says:

    chase sapphire

  22. Mike says:

    Chase Marriott
    I can get more hard gifts for less points compared to airlines cards. Can’t say about ink or sapphire because I do not have those

  23. Corey says:


  24. joseph m says:

    Chase feedom visa for the 5% cash back categories and no fee.

  25. Abhishek Duggal says:

    The Amazon Visa Card from Chase

  26. Sterling says:

    Sapphire great for 2x points on travel and points can be redeemed to earn MQMs!

  27. Harv says:

    Chase Sapphire Preferred MasterCard

  28. Erndog says:

    Ink Bold

  29. David says:

    Chase United

  30. R Sylvester says:

    chase Marriot

  31. Suzy S. says:

    Sapphire Preferred!

  32. Noah Kimmel says:

    Sapphire Preferred!

  33. Stephen says:


  34. Eddy says:

    Definitely Sapphire

  35. Elaine F says:

    Sapphire, for sure! Happy Saturday!

  36. James Kraft says:

    Chase Sapphire

  37. Jesse M says:

    Chase Priority Club Visa.
    Thanks, Rene’

  38. Tim B says:


  39. Billy L says:

    Only have the chase united.

  40. Kevin W says:


  41. Nick says:

    Chase sapphire

  42. Ralph M says:

    Ink Bold looks like a great starter card

  43. thrashsoundly says:

    CSP for sure!

  44. Jonathan says:

    Love the weight (and bonuses) of my Saphire!

  45. David says:

    I’d have to go with British Airways card!

  46. Harlan V. says:

    Sapphire, BA a close second!

  47. Abhinav G says:

    Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa

  48. Bruce R says:

    I use the Sapphire the most but would pick Freedom Visa – no fee, 5% categories, and UR points transfer to Sapphire for maximum flexibility.

  49. Nick B. says:

    Sapphire hands down

  50. mike says:

    Sapphire Preferred

  51. Doug says:

    I only get to pick one?!?!?
    I’ll have to go with the Sapphire.
    The Ink Bold is a very close second.

  52. Sookie says:

    Chase Sappphire

  53. Sara C says:

    Sapphire Preferred

  54. Scooter says:

    Ink Plus

  55. Rich O'Conor says:

    How does one choose? Chase Sapphire all around, ink bold at OD, freedom occasionally when good category points

  56. eva says:

    Chase Marriott. Only I wish I didn’t sign up in december and thus the whole “15 elite night toward your status” would be wipe out before start of new year.
    EDIT: From Rene @ Eva – you can get the BIZ Marriott (inside the personal link) and get 10 elite nights credit this year!

  57. Tom V says:

    Chase Sapphire is my favorite!!

  58. Max J says:


  59. Anthony C says:

    Chase Freedom Visa until the Chase Exclusives program ends

  60. Matthew says:

    The Chase Sapphired Preferred is my favorite. The 2x on airfare/ travel is actually worth more to me than 3x on airfare from AmEx, because I also get travel interruption and baggage insurance from Visa that are top notch.

  61. Nina says:

    Hi Rene
    You are the best!!!!!!!
    Chase Sapphire

  62. ASW says:

    The Chase Hyatt Visa Signature card is great card to carry when traveling abroad because it has no foreign transaction fees. The sign up bonus of two free nights, smart chip protection and Hyatt Platinum status as long as one is a cardholder are also excellent perks.

  63. Brian H says:


  64. Chuck F says:

    Chase British Airways

  65. R Gage says:

    sapphire, for sure!

  66. Allison S. says:

    British Airways card is my favorite.

  67. Yana K says:

    BA Chase because of the amazing 100,000 bonus miles sign up, ability to book award flights on partners without fuel surcharges and use 2-for-1 award certificate.

  68. B says:

    Ink Bold

  69. Robert P says:

    Chase Sapphire

  70. Jeff S says:

    Ink Bold fo sho although I’m less partial due to fairly recent developments that all are aware of.

  71. Jennifer says:


  72. Ben says:

    Ink Bold

  73. Tim C says:

    Inc. bold for me!

  74. john says:

    Ink Bold!

  75. James H says:

    Chase Freedom visa

  76. ian says:

    Ink plus!

  77. joel says:

    chase united.

  78. Paul v says:


  79. Dale R says:

    Chase Freedom VISA – I love the 5% quarterly give-backs!!!

  80. Kent says:

    Ink Bold

  81. Zahn says:

    I might change my mind tomorrow, but as of late it has to be the Ink Plus; we’ve been racking up UR points!

  82. Chris S. says:

    Sapphire is my go to

  83. Dave says:

    Chase Freedom for me

  84. Pamela T says:

    Chase sapphire Preferred for sure.

  85. Jamie says:

    Sapphire for me, love talking to a human after a couple rings; points are nice too:)

  86. Mariah B says:

    Chase Sapphire, paired with the Freedom for 5X miles (I mean points).

  87. Jennifer C. says:

    Chase Sapphire has been very, very good to me!

  88. SF says:

    Sapphire along with Freedom

  89. Wes says:

    Sapphire for sure!

  90. @Noviceflyer says:


  91. Chad H says:

    Chase united without a doubt.

  92. Wes says:

    I have the Chase Marriott for the 70k point sign up bonus but my go to card remains the Delta Reserve.

  93. Brian M says:


  94. Sam says:


  95. GetToThePoints says:


  96. MJZ says:


  97. John says:


  98. Brian says:

    Sapphire preferred most def.

  99. Christopher K says:


  100. PCB says:

    Chase Sapphire

  101. Dee j says:

    Only have the Marriott so I guess that’s it then.

  102. Mark B. says:

    Love the Chase Freedom MC (listed) and AMEX Platinum Skymiles card!

  103. Ronny says:

    Loving my Freedom card

  104. sara says:

    Chase Sapphire Preferred is the best in my book. Double points on travel? Awesome transfer partners?

  105. Andrew P says:

    My favorite is the Chase Sapphire

  106. Geoff says:

    Sapphire Preferred!

  107. Spencer F says:

    Freedom Visa

  108. Jackie says:

    Chase Hyatt Visa is my favorite!

  109. MSPDeltaDude says:


  110. Ed says:

    Chase Sapphire Preferred

  111. Tom says:

    Chase Sapphire

  112. Matthew says:

    United Presidential Plus with FEQM!

  113. Scott H says:

    Sapphire is what I reach for when I’m not working toward something else, because a lot of my spending is on 2x categories – it’s my favorite.

    That said, right now in my wallet I’m carrying Freedom (for 5x gas and Starbucks) and United Club, which I got when the annual fee was waived and which I will retire when the annual fee comes due. (Putting some spend on the club card before calling to cancel.)

  114. Cc says:


  115. Anthony P says:


  116. Sherry M says:

    Chase Sapphire

  117. Helen C says:


  118. Rich c says:


  119. Matt c says:


  120. Ally c says:


  121. Stephen Y says:

    I like Chase Sapphire

  122. mary e. says:

    british airways for now!

  123. Andy J says:

    I like the ink but I have also used the chase Quicken plus card for years and it has some good benefits.

  124. Steve says:


  125. yep says:


  126. Jansen says:

    British Airways.

  127. Chris B. says:

    Honestly, my favorite is my Disney card. I enjoy the smiles I get when I pull it out. As for spend, the Sapphire Preferred is my go to for Visa transactions.

  128. Pablo says:

    Chase United

  129. Johnny says:

    My favorite is my ink bold! Love that office store 5x rewards on spend.

  130. phill gold says:

    chase freedom MC for sure!

  131. Peter says:

    Any chase card is good

  132. JP Traveler says:

    Delta Amex Reserve

  133. Russ says:

    Sapphire, no contest.

  134. Nina d. says:

    Chase freedom visa

  135. Dave says:

    Chase Sapphire!

  136. mark says:

    Ink Bold. So much you can do with it!

  137. Ben E. says:

    Chase Ink Bold

  138. Jay Gates says:

    Chase United – Only one I have had.

  139. Paolo S says:

    Am I too late?
    Chase United

  140. Leslie says:

    Brit Air.

  141. Mark K says:

    My first was love was my Delta AMEX. But i hate to admit it here now it has to be my Chase WN As it earned me a companion pass

  142. Mike says:

    AMEX Reserve

  143. Lana says:


  144. Bill says:

    Chase United since if I have no status there so at least if I have to fly United I get *something*.

  145. Phil Barie says:

    Marriott by far

  146. Dejamo says:

    Chase Marriott seems to great for me……….

  147. JTC says:

    Sapphire, definitely.

  148. Christine says:

    Chase Marriott.

  149. Kestie says:

    Definitely Sapphire…besides it is the best looking card!

  150. Randy White says:

    Chase United is my favorate

  151. Kt says:

    American Express Platinum

  152. Nancy C. says:

    Chase Marriott

  153. Drew says:

    Ink Bold!!

  154. Greg M says:

    With out a doubt,the Chase Sapphire.

  155. Candace says:

    Chase United

  156. Karl says:

    Chase United. United gets me almost anywhere I want to go, so I have no problem using the points.

  157. Adrian R says:

    On list I like the British Airways. I also like the Hyatt for 2 nights at approval and the 1 night anniversary annual bonus.

  158. Steve G says:


  159. James M says:

    The Sapphire!

  160. Nick E says:

    Chase Sapphire without a doubt. I still get comments about how cool/heavy it is on a regular basis and Hyatt transfers rock my world!

  161. DanS says:

    Sapphire preferred most definitely

  162. Brendan says:

    The only one I have right now is the Southwest card, so… I guess that would be it.

  163. David says:

    Chase Sapphire preferred

  164. Ryan M says:

    Chase Ink Plus – The 20% off travel is very helpful

  165. Steve f says:

    Ink bold is the only one I keep in my wallet.

  166. Corbett Kroehler says:

    Take a look in a different direction… the Delta SkyMiles World Debit MasterCard from SunTrust Bank. Granted, its reach is limited because SunTrust is a superregional bank, not a national one. However, their territory includes Delta’s global home base of Atlanta and the entire Southeast region.

    Why do I favor it? Sure, there’s a lot to love about the SkyMiles credit cards from American Express (I’ve held several over the years) but I prefer to carry a debit card (I use the jetBlue Card from American Express for car rentals for its low annual fee and extreme generosity with TrueBlue points) and it is one of the few which pays rewards for PIN-based debit purchases (including SkyMiles)!

    It comes with a basic but comprehensive identity theft protection package at no additional charge and I’ve never had a transaction declined when there were sufficient funds in my account, which American Express did to me when my account was current but I was in Australia and needed a hotel.

    The bottom line is this – the annual fee is in line with the SkyMiles credit card and there are no finance charges, ever, because of its debit nature.

  167. Varun says:

    I have both Chase Freedom & Amex Delta Reserve, and my money is on the Delta Reserve!

  168. Kenny says:

    Chase ink Bold!!

  169. Angela says:

    Sapphire is my choice!

  170. Mark R. says:

    Chase Sapphire

  171. Tina M says:

    Chase Marriott

  172. Kathy D. says:

    Chase Marriott.

  173. Uri says:

    Sapphire!!! For sure

  174. thomas says:

    chase sapphire

  175. James H says:

    It is a toss-up for me between the Chase Freedom (no annual fee!) and the United MP Select Visa (3x United and I usually travel United for work based on where I live). They both earn me a good deal of points.

  176. Kristin says:

    Chase Sapphire

  177. Kevin says:

    delta reserve amex… or cap one venture

  178. Constance says:

    Venture from Capital One. No foreign service charge. No blackout days, any airline.

  179. Todd M. says:

    Chase Saphhire. I like the cash back

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