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Not a bunch of points here but it will keep your Coke Rewards points going this week or put you up to a level to get some redemption you want. 10 points for voting and 10 points for tweeting (you don’t need to send the tweet out btw, just start it and you will get credit).

I have my Superbowl party plans in place and none of the teams I wanted to be there are playing so I just hope for a great game! And, as you can see above from CNN-HLN, it was fun to see Delta flying the 49′ers down on a 747 (can you even think about renting a Delta 747 – oh my)! Delta flew the Ravens down too later on but on a 767 :-) .



How about some fun today and giveaway for another set of iGo Noice Canceling headphones. Tell me, by commenting below by clicking on the word “comments” and then commenting, who you think is going to win the big game. Your choices are:

  1. Ravens
  2. 49ers
  3. TV commercials!

Have fun with this and
I will pick the winner tomorrow night at about 9:PM!

EDIT: We have out winner. You may still vote but contest is over.

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Posted by rene | 186 Comments

186 Responses to “20 FREE Coke Rewards points + iGo noise canceling headphone giveaway!”

  1. B says:

    TV Commercials!!! (I can’t believe I am the first comment)

  2. Annalise says:

    49ers! Though I am rooting for the Ravens!

  3. Colin says:

    Definitely the Niners!

  4. Sam S. says:

    No matter…it’s all good! I do look forward to the commercials though!

  5. Curtis says:


  6. Sarah S. says:

    I like the big money creative commercials!!!

  7. Barbara S. says:

    No Vikes…No Pack…no interest…except the commercials!

  8. Hutch says:


  9. Bruce S. says:

    Pre-game hype is my favorite…don’t really care who wins…just hope it is close and interesting. I look forward to the commercials indeed!

  10. Mike L. says:

    TV commercials for sure. I hope there are some shoestring, low budget winners that rise above the multi-million dollar productions. p.s. I’m a Packer and Broncos fan – it would have been fun to see them play again!

  11. Owen G says:

    The commercials, but I hope the Ravens win!

  12. Ari K says:


  13. amusing says:

    TV Commercials

  14. Sloan1109 says:


  15. annusing says:


  16. Ted C says:


  17. paul m. says:

    definitely the commercials ( though niners will be close second!)

  18. David says:

    TV Commercials!

  19. Dave says:


  20. FEV7 says:

    TV Commercials – of course!

  21. Ralph says:


  22. Tom says:

    TV Commercials

  23. Andy says:


  24. Steoh says:


  25. Michael H.(oldfox) says:

    TV Commercials………… for sure!

  26. ASW says:

    49ers of course

  27. Eva says:


  28. Carl P says:

    Ravens. A goodbye present for Ray Lewis.

  29. Jon F says:

    TV commercials!

  30. Kevin W says:


  31. Ketan S says:


  32. Darrell says:

    TV Commercials and the Niners.

  33. Harlan V. says:

    Commercials, obvi :)

  34. Chris S says:


  35. Nick C says:


  36. Stephen Y says:


  37. Amanda S says:

    My vote is for the Ravens.

  38. Abhinav G says:


  39. David says:

    Ravens win in defensive upset!

  40. Pamela T says:


  41. Jane S. says:

    Ravens and I do collect mycokereward points

  42. Bill N says:

    I think the Niners win.

  43. Joe C. says:

    Commercials. By a 5-point advantage.

  44. Scojax says:

    Niners baby!

  45. Kidi says:

    Since the Broncos aren’t in I’ll be watching for the commercials!

  46. Sheila says:

    I can’t believe you don’t have food as a category! We have a contest in appetizers and desserts and it’s very competitive! I would like 49ers to win!

  47. Miro says:

    49ers of course!!

  48. Caroline G says:

    TV commercials!!

  49. Up&Away says:

    Commercials no doubt. But it doesn’t really matter since I won’t be watching any of it!

  50. cfree says:

    TV commercials!

  51. pat b. says:

    I am thinking (and hoping) the 49ers will win.

  52. phill gold says:

    49ers. Go go go

  53. Ms M says:

    Hoping for another ring for Ray.

  54. Chris L says:


  55. Piotr G says:

    Definitely the TV commercials.

  56. Bobby says:

    TV commercials for sure!

  57. Frank H says:

    Niners all the way!

  58. Jimmy Y. says:


  59. Brian H says:

    I vote Ravens!

  60. Mark says:


  61. Martin B. says:


  62. Drew says:


  63. Jeff D says:


  64. Matt S says:

    Niners… though I don’t care as long as I win a square.

  65. Chris P says:

    Ravens. Glad it’s not the Patriots.

  66. B-Rad says:

    Niners, unfortunately. What could be worse than a Harbaugh Bowl?

  67. Jeff S says:


  68. See says:


  69. Mark C says:


  70. Diana says:

    The 49ers and the TV commercials!

  71. Aleks says:

    Commercials. Isn’t that why most people watch?

  72. Stuart says:

    I think the 49ers will win although I’m hoping otherwise.

  73. Spencer F says:


  74. Tom says:

    Yuck to both teams….go cheerleaders… I mean commercials

  75. Kent says:

    49ers, bye bye Ray!

  76. HockeyCoachBen says:


  77. Steve says:


  78. Sy Ochoa says:


  79. Lucia Ochoa says:

    TV commercials!

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  81. Lee B says:

    49ers, since they beat my Falcons they must be good

  82. Denise L says:


  83. DENNIS says:

    # 1 Ravens by 3

    # 2 Canal St. by $ 9M

    # 3 NOPD

  84. Brett says:


  85. Ed says:

    3. TV commercials. Always.

  86. Jeff says:

    The ravens cheat and the 49ers are an 80′s bandwagon team. I’m jumping on a Delta flight and going somewhere where they’ve never heard of the super bowl

  87. Kurt L. says:

    The Lions are going to win. HA HA HA HA!

  88. Marc W says:

    I think Niners. Thanks for giveaway!

  89. Jason T says:

    Quoth the Ravens.

  90. Abhishek D says:

    TV Commercials!

  91. Andy O says:


  92. Jose Augustin says:

    For sure TV Commercials!

  93. Randall says:


  94. Andrew P says:


  95. Doug says:

    Commercials unless it’s a close game, than it’ll be the Ravens!

  96. Jenn says:

    Ninets will win with commercials finishing a close second.

  97. cassie says:

    commercials! (and food)

  98. Doug says:


  99. James M says:


  100. Fernando says:

    Ray Lewis’ last ride. He’s gonna bring it home

  101. Nishanth says:

    TV Commercials! Sure shot win :)

  102. Andrew says:

    TV commercials!

  103. Steve says:

    Ravens 28-20

  104. Chontzy says:


  105. Kevin P says:

    Commercials, for sure!

  106. Amit says:


  107. Jesse says:

    Ravens, but truly I just want the team coached by a Harbaugh.

  108. Russ says:

    Pulling for the Ravens, but I think SF will win.

  109. M says:


  110. jeff says:

    The commercials, I don’t have a dog in this hunt

  111. DaveH says:


  112. Steve says:


  113. Wes says:

    Don’t care since the Falcons blew it but I’m going to say Ravens.

  114. jedijood says:

    49ers. they deserved it last year if it weren’t for my big blue!

  115. Scott H says:

    Another Superbowl appearance Art Modell stole from Cleveland. GO NINERS!

  116. James H says:


  117. Christopher K says:


  118. Mark B. says:

    Love to see the Super Bowl tv commercials!

  119. Jackie says:

    I’ll go with the commercials!

  120. Ben E. says:


  121. Linda B says:

    Two Winners:

    49ers – One of my cub scouts is all grown up and playing defensive tackle!

    And the Dortitos home-made commercials…can’t be beat!

  122. Phil R says:


  123. Candace says:


  124. Karl says:

    Definitely the Ravens!

  125. Elaine says:


  126. Paul R says:


  127. Eli104 says:

    TV Commercials… and NFL football for all the money they make on them!!

  128. PCB says:

    Usually the games are boring. I want Baltimore to win but the commercials rule the day!

  129. Mark R. says:

    Ravens – I want to see Michael Ohr (“The Blind Side”) get a Superbowl ring.

  130. aaron says:


  131. Paolo S says:


  132. Bruce says:

    Go 49ers!!!!

  133. Being that my home town is Baltimore. Ravens !!
    Now I have to stay up in the early hours ,Swedish time, to watch..
    Close 2nd will be the commercials

  134. Mary E says:

    My vote is for the Ravens

  135. Barbara says:

    Ray Lewis…yup!!!

  136. Sarah says:

    San Fran baby!!!!!!

  137. Sam says:


  138. Char says:

    TV commercials. Love them!

  139. Brian W says:


  140. Kevin says:


  141. Sandra P says:


  142. JRG says:


  143. Limey47 says:

    The Ray Lewis emotional surge is done and the Ravens will be flat.

    San Fran by 3 touchdowns.

  144. shlomo says:

    commercials- will be more memorable than game:-)

  145. Eric says:

    49ers will win. Hope Alex gets to play.

  146. reddolly says:

    San Fran…….rightwhere I left my heart.

  147. Matt MSP says:

    Niners all the way!

  148. Joanne R says:


  149. pat b. says:

    I hope for 49ers, but think the commercials will ultimately be the winner

  150. Brian B. says:

    TV commercials!

  151. Sam says:

    The 49ers in a romp!
    Who watches commericals?

  152. Uri says:

    I hope the commercials do!!!

  153. Kristin says:

    I’m not a big sports fan, so I’m voting for TV Commercials!

  154. Matt R says:

    Definitely the 49ers will win!!!

  155. steve q says:

    Ravens, maybe San Fran, but I do love the commercials alot. Ok,Ravens.

  156. Bill G says:

    In the end it’s all about the commercials since those are one of the major things paying for the games.

  157. Dennis says:

    Ravens by a field goal!

  158. Lana L says:


  159. Varun says:

    May be the best team win…. but my bet is on the Commercials!

  160. lobstergreg says:

    Ravens. Have to go with the AFC since my Steelers had an off year!

  161. Kathy D. says:

    I wanted the Saints to win, but since they won’t, I guess I will have to cheer for the commercials. We’ll be in The Big Easy on Saturday to see the madness and we’re wearing our Saints jerseys.

  162. Dale R says:

    TV Commercials! Everyone wins with those!

  163. Marie K says:

    I wanted my Green Bay Packers to be at the Super Bowl and win – but since that won’t happen the winner might as well be the team that defeated them.

    Super Bowl winner: San Francisco

  164. thrashsoundly says:

    Team Harbaugh will win. Go football!!!!

  165. Ginny says:

    The commercials take the early lead and hang on for the win.

  166. Sarah says:

    Commercials! My team isn’t in the game either.

  167. Jay Gates says:

    Who cares I will be in IST on a milage run.


  168. Courtney says:

    Commercials – hands down

  169. Ray says:


  170. dot cahill says:

    I used miles from delta for a business class klm flight to cdg andf back what a horrid experience the atl to cdg was the oldes plane i had ever seenand in poor condition no sleeping position on the seats etc and the food was not edible.. the seats were 2 5 in the middle and 2 on the way over i got a 2 but at the entry door by the kitchen and the return i got the middle of the middle 5 not a great experience

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