Anyone who reads Delta Points knows I have a very bad attitude when it comes to PA or Pinnacle Airlines. Not against the employees as they are most of the time underpaid and some of the nicest crews in the air. It was the ex-managment and things to the effect of:  “50-seat CRJ’s now, 50-seat CRJ’s tomorrow and 50-seat CRJ’s forever”! Well it looks like the DEATH of the 50-seat CJR is now on the horizon and a bit more news as well:

  • A PA agreeement to get rid of all 50 seat CRJ’s is HERE
  •  DAY to LGA direct has begun is HERE
  •  Hear from our CEO about 2013 is HERE
  • When it comes to being RUDE #3 is good is HERE
  • Ouch for Embraer’s lost Delta order is HERE
  • Delta has released DEC2012 numbers is HERE
  • Let’s get ready to Bundle is HERE
  • Last one not Delta but listen to ATC feed ugg is HERE

Looks like 2013 is not going to be a dull year for Delta. BTW, I have some breaking news on the way tomorrow that is GREAT for us Skyteam flyers so stay tuned! – René

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12 Responses to “#Delta news that makes me a HAPPY FLYER today!”

  1. Sam says:

    Virgin (VA)!?

  2. Amanda S says:

    Good. I hate those 50-seat jets, and unfortunately a majority of my flights are on them. The 900s are actually quite nice. I’ve had the luck to snag a few free upgrades to first on them even as a lowly silver.

  3. Geoff says:

    j/k. Hate those 50 seat CRJ’s too:)

  4. Delta Points says:

    @Geoff – yeah fixing. That makes 2 typo’s in 24hrs. :-( You would think I am dyslectic or something (oh yeah I am)!

  5. Geoff says:

    BTW, just noticed that DAY now has twice daily to LGA.
    Any idea to whom I might address(plead, beg) at Delta for similar service from my local airport(CRW)?

  6. Delta Points says:

    @Geoff – I would just go to and in the comment page you can ask that. Best choice I would say:

  7. Bill G says:

    I have to fly on the 50 seaters too, Trouble is they’re often half empty as it is, so I can’t imagine the 200s being replaced with anything bigger. Is the alternative just not to serve the airport at all any longer? (e.g. BGM, SBN)

  8. Delta Points says:

    @Bill – believe it. There will just be fewer flights. I will take that, per day, over many 50′s!

  9. Marc D says:

    Why just a bad attitude toward Pinnacle? I believe SkyWest, ASA (Expressjet), Mesaba (Pinnacle now), and Chautauqua also fly 50 seaters for Delta? Since these regionals don’t fly without being contracted by Delta, shouldn’t Delta management be to blame for the “50-seat CRJ’s now, 50-seat CRJ’s tomorrow and 50-seat CRJ’s forever” effect? Maybe that is past management…..I’m just happy (like you) that Delta is now leading the trend away from them.

  10. Delta Points says:

    @Marc D – txs much for your comment. Most of the other partners are better airlines IMO. Sure, we, and Delta, need to keep the pressure on to say we no longer want any Delta paint on a 50 seat CRJ ever again!

  11. Marc D says:

    I see. I think I’ve had some of my worst experiences on ASA/Expressjet. I’ve been pretty lucky though. Out of my 60+ flights on DL last year, only 6 total were on 50 seaters.

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