Until the rollover MQM’s post for they year, I will continue to be upset by looking at all those ZERO’s on the main page or my “My Delta” page (am I the only one who feels this way?)!

I did find my last poll very interesting (and thanks all who voted). While in no way scientific, you only got to vote once, and the spread does line up with what I think is a good overview of the breakdown of medallion flyers across Delta but that is insider info few see.

Now it is time for a NEW poll. What I want to know is how many MQM’s you will be rolling over into 2013. I cannot have a fill in the blank, but have a few categories that should make for a cross section of most of us. They are:

  • ZERO I did not make medallion 2012
  • 1 – 10,000
  • 10,001 – 20,000
  • 20,001 – 30,000
  • 30, 001 – 40,000
  • 40,001 – 49,999
  • 50,000+ 2x, 3x Diamond Medallion :-)

I had almost 41,000 MQM’s roll and could have pushed it with one more run, but was happy with the 10k I got from my personal Delta AMEX Reserve last round and did not have to fly more.

How about you? Feel free to comment on the blog, but please also vote on the poll you see on the top right of the blog! – René

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13 Responses to “It is time for a new Delta Points poll for 2013 – just what was your rollover total?”

  1. Bjoern says:

    Hey, aren’t you missing the >50k rollover? I managed to get to 284k miles ergo will roll over 159k, right?

  2. Delta Points says:

    @Bjoern – You are RIGHT! I will add now. Txs – duhhhhhh!

  3. Beatrix says:

    And Segment flyers! We obtain medallion status but never see rollover.

  4. Delta Points says:

    @Beatrix – yeah, you MQS flyers are in my book just amazing! I had 59 segs last year and I know that is kids play for many. I do WISH Delta would rollover MQS’s too!

  5. Alex H. says:

    I lose my Delta status this year anyways lol. Wish some airlines would do a double segments offer
    I’d be all over that!

  6. Tom says:

    Zero…just started collecting in September and only have 14497 miles

  7. Delta Points says:

    @Tom – ouch! Well time for a good mileage run or two! Or a DELTA Reserve card to start year with 10k :-)

  8. vDirtyBird says:

    I rolled over 37K MQMs this year. I thought about pushing in another trip or 2 this year to make DM, but just got burned out on travel in Q4, so will have to settle for staying PM for another year…

  9. Ted says:

    Zero – I qualify on segments.

  10. Tom says:

    It stinks to lose the points. I won’t do the credit card because of foolish mistakes (lessons learned) in college. I will do it to the old fashioned way…my butt in a seat :-)

  11. Bjoern says:

    @Delta Points: Thanks! You should update my vote from the 49,999 to the above category then too since I can’t/shouldn’t vote again.

  12. Ralfinho says:

    I rolled over 4,763 MQMs. I earn my MQMs only from flying from Europe to the US twice a year. So I am sloooowly making my way to GM ;-)

  13. scotty says:

    rolled over 11k. thought about a run for Dec to make PM, but I don’t have much travel planned for work this yr so I decided to hold at GM and start the yr with a few MQMs in my acct. I just booked a 7k mileage run DTW-MIA-LAX and getting ready to book a second one in Feb. Next up is my 1st churn of the new yr!

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