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Today’s post is more than just DELTA related and let me tell you if you ever travel internationally, you need to get GOES or Global Online Enrollment System  (Click on the link and then hit the “Watch” button for a video).

The fee for this service is $100 for 5 years (basically $20 per year/ per person). What do you get for this? When you get off your long, international flight, and an airbus 380 has just unloaded say 500 people in front of you, and the lines are up to an hour long in customs, what do you do? You simply bypass this and go to one of the GOES kiosks and scan your 4 fingers, your passport and look up at the camera in the kiosk. Next you fill out the customs form on screen (you don’t have to do it on the plane like everyone else) and hit print. Lastly you quickly show it to the customs person in your private line and out you go. I have made it though customs faster than the flight crew from my flight. Yes it is that fast!

Are there ways to get someone else to pay for it? Yes! If you already have this card,  or , if get the card and use my referral link to get the AMEX PLATINUM membership rewards card   (note it has a $450/yr fee) they will rebate you the cost for the Global Entry fee for the program when you pay for it with the card. Membership Rewards also many times offers very nice bonus deals for sending their points over to DELTA including MQM bonus. Also, this AMEX card gives you up to a $200/yr rebate in incidental fees for things like bag fees or buying a snack box or drinks on-board the flight (benefit applies to only one airline you must select online) plus no foreign transaction fee’s. That on top of the 25,000 bonus points they offer makes this a good option of you are going to get GOES membership! BTW also get free annual GOLD status with SPG  and anther sweet benefit and  free USA lounge access  on ANY airline the day you fly!

It will take you some time to get this done and you have to go to one of the GOES sites to do your interview with the government official but I highly recommend it. I will never let my membership lapse as it is so worth it to me! – Rene


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81 Responses to “Global Entry from the US Government – go get it! + FREE drink coupons”

  1. jacob says:

    global entry looks great!

  2. Paul says:

    Thanks for the info and chance to win.

  3. Daniel says:

    Oh wow, there’s an interview process and everything. Guessing I can’t do that from abroad, meaning that I wouldn’t be able to get the benefits of this on my next trip back to the US.

  4. Stephen says:

    Cool new blog…thanks.

  5. andrew says:

    I saw on the website, that they take fingerprints at your interview. Is this only for verification at the kiosks, or is there some kind of background check done that requires it as well?

  6. The fingerprints are for the kiosks but they do check you very well before you get there. There will be no interview unless you pass background checks!

  7. Kathy K says:

    I do not travel for work, so I tend to debate whether a $450 card – despite its benefits – is a bit extravagant for me….

  8. Joel says:

    Keep up the good blogging.

  9. Hi Kathy thanks for the post. I don’t travel for work either but $450 cost – $200 for bags or ( I used my for $200 in SW AIR gift cards YMMV ) – $100 for goes – 25k points IMO = net ZERO cost first year for the card. Plus then lounge access is FREE ;-)

  10. john says:

    I have yet to sign up..time issues…have had plat card for 1 year

  11. Hi John – yes wife and I had same issue ( time ) but now that we have it – it is worth it to MAKE time! – Rene

  12. Danny says:

    Going for my GOES interview in 2 weeks. Woo hoo!

  13. Great Danny txs ( btw it does not take long at all !) – Rene

  14. Andrew T says:

    This really is an awesome idea. And like you put it, $20 a year, especially if you’re a heavy international traveler, is well worth it.

  15. For me even 1x a year is worth it! When you have been on a 8-12 hr flight standing for 1+ hrs waiting with smelly people is not my idea of fun at any price!

  16. Bill says:

    Thanks Rene – I don’t live in a city that has an office, but I’m flying thru LAX tomorrow and next week on my way to Hawaii. How far in advance do I need to schedule an interview? Do I just call them? Suggestions?

  17. Hi Bill. It does not happen that fast sorry ( you can try + take the time to get the AMEX card? ). It takes about 2-6 weeks for them to do the background check once you put in your application. They they let you schedule the interview. Don’t hold me to this but I think you have 90 days after approval to go for the interview but they will work with you to extend if you need more time. Then you will have to call them.

  18. Bill says:

    That was my fear. I do have the AMEX Platinum so that would cover the fee. The timing just isn’t very good and I don’t live anywhere near a GOES office.

    Off-topic… I have a Delta related problem that you may be able to provide a suggestion with. Is there a way to contact you? I didn’t see an email address anywhere.

  19. Mike says:

    Now what happens once this gets so popular that a lot of people start doing it? Wouldnt this end up creating a long line? Especially when we have so many people still bad with computers. Also, it will slow the line down because you have to fill your customs form on screen, when you could have done it on the plane. I dont know about this idea. Needs toale it much faster to be worth it.

  20. Rob says:

    I’ll be in need of a few drinks on my next flight.

  21. it is in the who am I link above but sure rene @ or deltagoldflyer @ both work. – Rene

  22. Hi Mike – txs for your input but not going to happen. The %%% of those doing this will be very low vs the bulk of leisure travelers. Plus, it takes all of 10 seconds to fill out the form on screen so no real slowdown as you can see even in the GOES video. And it is MUCH FASTER – O’my is it MUCH faster. I will NEVER go back again. – Rene

  23. Danielle says:

    i was JUST talking to someone about this program this week. Does your airport have to have one of the GOES machines? (or, which airports have them? Does BOS?)

  24. Allen says:

    Here we go again~

  25. Erica says:

    The thing with global entry is… if you’re traveling with other folks without it – it just means waiting somewhere else instead of the customs line…

  26. HI Erica – yeah you may have to wait for them in SKYCLUB and get your shower in, have a drink or two, and then ask they how bad the line was ;-)

  27. zasm says:

    Thanks for the heads up.

  28. Lauren says:

    Thanks for the info!

  29. stephen b says:

    My complaint is that when I travel international, I usually check a bag (souvenirs) and like others have said, it is trading waiting in one place for another.

  30. MB says:

    Hmmm…Global Entry does sound good. The Platinum AmEx is looking better and better.

  31. Hi Stephen – yes this can be true. If you are Medallion your bags come out 1st when they put the “priority” tags on. One tip is ask at check in, even if you are NOT medallion, that they please put them on the bags as a favor for you and many times they will do it! But either way there is much more room in the bag area then in line!

  32. Hi MB – yep and thanks for using my link if you do get the card – Rene

  33. Brad says:

    Just a minor point, but GOES is the enrollment system for Global Entry (GE). The kiosks are GE kiosks, not GOES.

    Another option is to register for the NEXUS program for US/Canada travel which only costs $50 for 5 years and grants GE access as well.

  34. H Brad – the name is the name they use so just simple. Yes NEXUS is an option but AMEX will NOT pay you for that one. They only pay for GOES from what I have been told thus far.

  35. Carl says:

    I have Global Entry and love it, but don’t love the way you presented the way to get it from Amex – “If you use my link to get the Amex Platinum Membership Rewards card, they will rebate you the cost for the program when you pay for it with the card.” Any Amex Plat card holder gets it – they don’t have to apply through your link to get that refund. If you use referrals, at least be honest when you are using them.

  36. Hi Carl – A valid point. I will update the post – thanks for reading the blog! – Rene

    I have made a change!

  37. Denise says:

    I will have to check out Global Entry program. Thanks.

  38. Trey says:

    seriously considering global entry now!

  39. robe0341 says:

    Global Entry Sounds Great

  40. Allen says:

    Good info. Thanks.

  41. Phil Gold says:

    looks interesting.if my flying picks up intl ill deff consider this

  42. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for the info!

  43. Danielle says:

    awesome – thanks!

    can you have your site set up so that we get comments back via email? I had to remember to come back to see if you had written… maybe no one else cares about this. if not, disregard.

  44. Hi Danielle – I am working on that. I have the auto email sub setup and am working on a link from boardingarea on the site. I think we can build that in too. Thanks for the feedback! – Rene

  45. EJ says:

    FWIW, there’s a rumor circulating that Chase is looking to add a rebate for GOES as a perk to some of its cards next year…

  46. That would ROCK! But I don’t see it on low end cards that only have a $95/yr fee. If they come up with a card that runs $300+ maybe. Who know but if you find something be sure and let all of us know ASAP! Txs again – Rene

  47. Jackson says:

    Another giveaway, amazing :)

  48. Lot’s more all week! – Rene

  49. Scott says:


  50. Tony Z says:

    Hey, great new site. I found it via Millionmilesecrets and will be sure to add this site to the list of daily blogs that I read. Keep up the good work!

  51. Hi Tony – TXS! I hope I can give you a few tips to help – Rene

  52. Ari says:

    Free drinks also help make immigration go faster :)

  53. ….well… unless you need to deposit them after use? ;-)

  54. Brian M says:

    I could always use a free drink especially on a long flight!

  55. Rachel K says:

    Interesting option to consider!

  56. Michael says:


    Thank you for the info. I am “pending review”. Love the blog. I am a loyal Delta guy having a home in ATL/SLC/ and now LAX.

  57. deltaplat says:

    Very cool. You’ve almost convinced me to get Amex Platinum. (If I do so, I will say you referred me). Would love the drink coupons!

  58. Hi Michael – great to hear. I go to SLC soon to ski – can’t wait! – Rene

  59. Thanks so very much (be sure to use my link in the blog for me to get the credit btw ). As I say – I love GOES and for free it is just TOPS! – Rene

  60. Dare says:

    Good to know. Thanks for the information.

  61. Mordy says:

    Whats the difference between this and the Trusted Traveller Program?

  62. Same thing (sorta). TTP covers ALL the programs in family. GOES is one, NEXUS is another etc etc. – Rene

  63. gimmeyourmiles says:

    Sounds like a great program. I have an amex card but I never used this benefit!

  64. Hi “J” – one more great one to use! – Rene

  65. Kevin Porto says:

    I really like this GOES idea

  66. Serion says:

    I think I’m going to bite the bullet and get GOES.

  67. Great just don’t chip a tooth! – Rene ;-)

  68. Cassie says:

    Great tips.

  69. Rookie10 says:

    I bookmarked your site on my favorites. Thanks for the replies on the FT thread for the Delta Skymall 25k promo. I enjoy your positive posts and attitude. When the mods shut it down I kept checking for new info on your site. Thanks for sharing.

  70. HI Rookie – thank you for your kind words and for reading the blog! – Rene

  71. Michael says:


    When you go to SLC to ski stay out of Park City. It’s nice but you get a better value for the $$$$ if you go local. ALTA or Snowbird is really good and cheap during the week. You can take a bus to the front door. Save the $$$.

  72. Hi Michael – no 100% with ya. Look at the photo of me at Brighton – on my helmet is the snowflake from ATLA! ;-) I only ski PC when I must. Powder mtn is one of my fav spots. Less people. Thanks much! – Rene

  73. [...] airports are already seeing clogs due to the U.S. federal budget sequester (another reason to get GOES/TSA Pre). According to the U.S Department of Homeland Security the customs lines at major airports have [...]

  74. [...] from Delta today via FlyerTalk that we will no longer have to “hope” we are selected by TSA PreCheck (I always feel like a puppy waiting for a treat when I wait for the 3 [...]

  75. Firesan says:

    Just experienced global entry at YYZ, long lines, took me 30 seconds to clear immigration.

    Only hiccup was the gate guard wanted me to fill out the blue and white customs dorm, had to convince her I did t have to.

    As an early member of gc, best $100 I spent…

  76. [...] like Skyclub access (as well as other lounges), $200 in incidental fees each year, rebate on your $100 GOES fee, instant GOLD SPG status and on and [...]

  77. uclalum says:

    Not a player of the revolving credit cards just yet (as I still need good credit scores this early in life), but need to add a card. Was hands-down for Delta Platinum AmEx but with the benefits you list Platinum MR may be better!

  78. Delta Points says:

    @uclalum – yep if you don’t need MQMs it is the better choice and year one pays for itself in perks.

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