Have you seen the ridiculous farce in Delta’s August Sky Magazines about SkyMiles & Loyalty?

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aug delta sky magazine

If you have not seen the August Delta Sky Magazine you are in for an amazing bit of comedy. If it were presented as such, I would love it – but it is not. That is ridiculous and just sad.

You can download and see the issue online HERE. So go read it, have a good laugh and come back here for my corrections from what Mr. Sandeep Dube said to Richard Anderson of Delta.

First off SD says:

“…the SkyMiles program is uniquely structured to reward with value…”

No, SD, it does not. First off, all of us are painfully aware that we are not being rewarded more this year. And even those who are paying a ton are not being given value because you have whacked the value of SkyMiles and painfully so. The only thing SkyMiles is uniquely structured for is to make loyal members pay more than ever for awards.

Next SD says:

“SkyMiles don’t expire”

Well, this is not true and you know it SD. I know you are new so let me remind you that when a loyal member dies, their “valuable” SkyMiles are gone.

Then SD says:

“We are laser-focused on making miles easier to use”

No, you are not. You are making it simpler to over spend by charging 2-4 times what a ticket should cost. Anyone who is spending their Delta miles on magazines, lift tickets and cheap coach seats are just fools and not getting value from their SkyMiles. You should know this as someone who has come from a banking background. 😉

SD continues and says:

“…members can redeem their miles for travel on more than 25 Delta partners”.

Well, that is good because if you look at finding value with your SkyMiles at LEVEL 1 awards internationally you will just about only find space on partners. Gosh, it would be nice if Delta opened up some space now and then!

Then SD gives really bad advice:

“…12 regional certificates they can select each year as part of Choice Benefits”

Oh my. My head is going to explode. First off the Global Upgrade certificates are the most valuable thing Delta has EVER given us – EVER! I guess thanks to FCM and the goal of 70-80% up-sells of 1st class seats you are telling us we NEED to burn our Choice Benefits for domestic upgrade shots at all. Wonderful. Thanks!

Lastly SD finishes with:

“… performance is unparalleled”

This is the only bit of this entire comedy piece that is not, as Gary Leff says, “bat crazy”. Yes, we know Delta is destroying loyalty and Delta thinks that running jets on time and consistently with a midrange seat product compared to international carriers will win the day. This may be right, the rest – really not so much!

RA and SD are living in a dream world. Perhaps they should step outside the Atlanta mothership and read what loyal travelers really think in yesterday’s NYT piece or today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune for a better understanding of what travelers are really feeling (plus the 50 cuts Delta has inflicted on loyal travelers over the years)! – René


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